Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rachel's Random Reads This Summer - Challenges, Holiday and Booklympics - #20BooksofSummer

I figured I should give you all an update on what is coming up on Rachel's Random Reads this summer. 

First a heads up that the blog and myself will be on holiday from 24th June for 2 weeks, on a 12 night Mediterranean Cruise...I will post more about that nearer the time, and hopefully will do mini reviews of any books read once I am back. 

During August, I am going to be running my Booklympics event featuring authors and books with even a faintly sporting feel to them. If anyone is wanting to take part, please see my Booklympics info page for more details during 5th to 21st August. 

Please note if you are an author that has given me a review book, my waiting times are probably going to be a bit higher than normal this summer, as trying to fit all these things in, and make dents on personal TBRs for a bit. 

The rest of the summer from now until 5th September I am going to be in addition taking part in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge.

The 20 Books of Summer challenge is being hosted by Cathy over at 746 Books. Check out her blog, and join in if you so wish! I have been seeing this on various blogs over the last few days, and initially thought for me that is no challenge... I have no doubt that I will read 20 books in 3 months, given my general reading speeds. 

So I have decided to use the same principal but challenge myself to read 20 paperbacks over the summer, between now and 5th September.  This is in part because the most annoying part of my TBR is the masses of paperbacks I have that I seem to ignore, but continually see in the corner of my eye. 

It would be amazing if I could read some of those, and I know I am better when taking part in challenges, as otherwise I feel guilty for reading a "non review" book. 

I am not planning on stating which 20 books I would like to read over the summer, and a couple of them may even be read while I'm on holiday, and some may be winners of my Rachel Reads Randomly feature, but whatever I read I will take photos, and use the #20BooksofSummer tag on twitter and instagram. 

I do of course need to fit in some reading of review books as otherwise they will start to scare me after the summer, when Christmas will suddenly be a priority...isn't it scary how fast the year goes, I'm seriously worried about Christmas books in June, and I will also be reviewing books for my Booklympics feature as mentioned above. 

Hopefully I will review everything I read for this challenge, but they may not appear on the blog in the order I read them, due to the way I schedule and read!

So what books are even contenders for me to finally read them? And wow its been a while since I last posted pics like these, probably last years Paperback Summer challenge that I was taking part in. 

Anyone that has ever talked to me or seen me on twitter, will know how indecisive I am, so these are pretty much all my current unread paperbacks and hopefully there will be 20 less or more in that box by the end of the summer. 

So are you planning on taking part in this yourself? If so would love to know how you get on, it looks to be a fun challenge. Wish me luck! 

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