Monday, 11 May 2015

Harper Impulse Fortnight Round Up

As you may have noticed, I have been taking part in Harper Impulse Fortnight over the past two weeks. During that time I have reviewed a number of fantastic books, had three authors guest posts, and have read numerous great articles relating to Harper Impulse from all the other book bloggers taking part. It has been a real sense of community on the #HIFortnight tag on twitter, and I have enjoyed every second of it. 

Guest Posts Featured on my Blog

  1. Lorraine Wilson talking about Escapism
  2. Romy Sommer about Westerwald
  3. Michelle Betham on her inspiration for the Striker trilogy 

In addition to a guest post, Michelle Betham was very kind to offer us an e-copy of Striker to give away which ends at midnight tonight. 

My top five books that I have reviewed during the fortnight (in no particular order)

  1. Striker, Extra Time & Final Score by Michelle Betham - Ok this isn't really 1 book, but more the entire trilogy. I enjoyed the whole trilogy so much, and still reeling from the final outcome!
  2. Beyond Graces Rainbow by Carmel Harrington 
  3. The Trouble With Mojitos by Romy Sommer
  4. The Temp by Emily Benet
  5. Secret Crush of a Chalet Girl by Lorraine Wilson
My top five Harper Impulse authors I am now inspired to read  (in no particular order)
  1. Nikki Moore
  2. Georgia Hill
  3. Erin Lawless
  4. Jill Knapp
  5. Teresa Morgan
This is definitely not the last you will see of Harper Impulse published books on my blog. Coming up on Wednesday I have a review of the new book by Jules Wake, and then on Thursday I have a review of Zara Stonley's latest book Country Affairs (the follow up to Stable Mates). 

Please do take a look at all these fantastic books and authors, especially if you like romance. I have only been able to touch the surface of what this publisher offers, during the last two weeks, but I have no doubts I will keep returning to their releases often. 

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  1. I have loved every moment of HI Fortnight! Thanks so much for all the time taken to post guest posts and reviews xx


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