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Book Review - The Snow Rose by Lulu Taylor - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #76

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Title: The Snow Rose
Author: Lulu Taylor
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Pan
Publication Date: 1st December 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

The Snow Rose is the gripping story of a woman on the run from her past by Lulu Taylor, author of The Winter Folly.

I know they think I shouldn't keep her . . . That's why I've escaped them while I can, while I still have the opportunity . . .

Kate is on the run with her daughter Heather, her identity hidden and their destination unknown to the family they've left behind. She's found a place where they can live in solitude, a grand old house full of empty rooms and dark secrets. But they're not alone, for there are the strange old ladies in the cottage next door: Matty and her sister Sissy. They know what happened here long ago, and are curious about Kate. How long can she hide Heather's presence from them?

When an eccentric band of newcomers arrive, led by the charismatic Archer, Kate realizes that the past she's so desperate to escape is about to catch up with her. And inside the house, history is beginning to repeat itself . . .

Oddly compulsive,  every time I tried to put this book down, it called to me to continue reading. Not that it was a chore to carry on with the story, as I was completely absorbed and interested in the multitude of storylines that were unfurling. 

The book is split into four parts and just as you think you have got to grips with what is going on,  the next part comes along and you are left reeling about various things, or a slight perspective change allows you to try and piece things together even faster. 

There is very little I can say about the story but yet so much I want to comment on, but daren't due to spoilers. The book opens with a mum on the run with her young child, she is desperate not to be found and take on guardianship of a large old house, in a fake name and has left a false trails all over herself. 

You get hints as to her current mental state and the feeling something isn't quite right and that is the first of the hooks into the story, as I had to find out more about Rachel and Hattie.  The lengths she goes to, to hide Hattie's existence are very strong, and she hates that the house she has found isn't as remote as first thought. 

Even more confusing are the sisters who are nearby neighbours hinting that history is about to repeat itself. 

Let's just say the history of the house was fascinating and worrying at the same time.  There were elements of it that I was slightly uncomfortable with due to my own beliefs, and I did stay skeptical for a large part of the book, but even so I still wanted to know what was going to happen next. 

The action flits between past and present in the chapters, and in two main stories. All of which I was utterly hooked on. The Snow Rose crept under mys skin and hasn't left yet, I was enchanted and gripped by this addictive tale. 

Thank you to everyone that voted this week, even if it was just due to the cover, you have picked well and it was a good change for met o read a non Christmas book even if it does have a wintery cover! 

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