I am a massive sports fan. and love it when every 2 years there is a particularly impressive summer of sports. I am really looking forward to both the Euro 2016 Football Championships, and also the Olympics, not to mention Wimbledon, going to some live Athletics myself, and generally watching just about anything sporty that will appear over the next couple of months,. 

4 Years ago for the London Olympics, despite being a Londoner, I was working abroad and on one of the first days of Olympics I got the sack...but due to family visiting me, I had to stay abroad for the whole of the Olympics and barely saw anything. I am still angry and bitter about this 4 years later and is probably something that will haunt me forever, as I desperately wanted to see the Olympics live since it had been announced that we had been given the event. 

However since I won't be flying to Brazil to watch live, I clearly will just be watching all the coverage at home, give or take some sleeping, and will enjoy as much of Rio 2016 as I can. 

At the same time that Rio 2016 will be happening, I am running my own Booklympics to celebrate my love of sport. 

Schedule of Booklympics posts - will update with links each day for ease! 

Thursday 4th August

Intro post plus giveaway

Friday 5th August

Review of The Love Triangle by Nic Tatano
Guest Post & Giveaway - Olympic Love by Aven Ellis 

Saturday 6th August

Review of Too Much Trouble in Paradise by Michelle Betham
Guest Post - My Husband's Balls by Sue Watson

Sunday 7th August
Review of Love and Other Man Made Disasters by Nicola Doherty
Guest Post - Sports and Books by Christina Phillippou
Guest Post & Giveaway - An Ode to the Orange by Jim Cangany

Monday 8th August

Review of Out of Practice by Penny Parkes
Guest Post - Crazy Golf by Samantha Tonge

Tuesday 9th August

Review of Before You by Kathryn Freeman
Guest Post and Giveaway - Catriona Child talks about her Olympian Sister

Wednesday 10th August
Review of Life or Something Life It by Annie Lyons
Guest Post - Tilly Tennant Runs a Half Marathon

Thursday 11th August
Review & Giveaway of Country Rivals by Zara Stoneley
Guest Post - A Winning Post by Nicola May

Friday 12th August
Review of Our Life on Ice by Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean
Guest Post - Ali and the Sweet Science by Mike Sahno

Saturday 13th August

Review of Breaking the Ice by Mandy Baggot
Guest Post & Giveaway - Darts...and Romance? by Michelle Betham

Sunday 14th August

Review of The Last Resort by Jenny Stallard
Guest Post - June Moonbridge on Running
Guest Post - We Got Game by Geralyn Corcillo

Monday 15th August

Guest Post & Giveaway - Do Sporting Heroes make the perfect romantic heroes? by Kathryn Freeman

Tuesday 16th August

Review & Giveaway - Walking on Sunshine by Emily Harvale
Guest Post - Caroline James talks about Running

Wednesday 17th August

Review - Footballers and Louboutins by Dani K
Guest Post & Giveaway - All At Sea with Christine Stovell

Thursday 18th August

Review - The Wild One by Janet Gover
Guest Post - What A Stud! by Vicki Bowles
Guest Post & Giveaway - Swimming Anyone? by Maggie Le Page

Friday 19th August

Review - Football Manager Stole My Life by Ian MacIntosh
Guest Post & Giveaway - My Campaign for Less Sport in School by Nicola Doherty

Saturday 20th August

Review - 4 in the Afternoon by Geralyn Corcillo
Guest Post - Katey Lovells love of Gymnastics

Sunday 21st August

Review - Swimming with Dolphins by Deborah Wright
Q&A & Giveaway with Michelle Betham on Sports
Guest Post - How I Lost My First Writing Contest At A New York Mets Game by Nic Tatano 


  1. This sounds like fun! Wish I had some funny stories from years of volleyball and basketball . . . will need to try to think of something

  2. I agree this does sound fun. I'm a massive Motorsport fan and played women's rugby.

  3. I have a book suggestion for the Booklympics: Gold by Chris Cleave. It is about elite athlete friends who compete in their sport throughout their life.

  4. This is fabulous! I'm a romance novelist in the US and have written books featuring featuring cycling and women's basketball. I'll be in touch!

    1. I look forward to hearing from you further Jim. Don't think I've read much featuring Women's basketball ever!


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