Carina Christmas

Carina Christmas

I have been thinking, and plotting and finally decided that my next theme week will be based around the publisher Carina, and particularly their Christmas releases. I have no idea if I know the full amount of books they are releasing this Christmas, but, the ones I have seen announced are all ones I want to read.

As a result from 23rd November until 29th November I will be running an event I am calling Carina Christmas.

What is it?

A week filled with reviews of Christmas books published by Carina. I will be hoping to read them over the next 7 weeks, but will put them all that I can, on the blog during this special week. 

A list of Carina's Christmas releases can be found here and the second I find the new TA Williams on Goodreads I will add it to the list. 

I am also hoping to have guest posts and giveaways.

Who is Carina?

Carina is a dynamic digital publisher of fantastic stories owned & operated by Harlequin UK.

I have noticed that they have an incredibly friendly selection of authors, who are supportive of each other, and active on social media. Their authors tend to love interacting with readers, and as such, they sprung to mind when I wanted to do a new theme week (while still reading Christmas books).

What can I do to help?

Well if you are an author published by Carina, and would like to contribute to this celebration, then I would love to hear from you.  I would love guest posts about your Christmas books, guest posts just about anything Christmassy at all (even if you don't have a festive release), if you can contribute prizes to give away to my lovely followers, then I would be eternally grateful.

And if you happen to be one of the lovely people that work for Carina, and would like to contribute too, please get in touch, as I'd love to hear from you. 

Content deadline, 13th November. If you are planning on supplying me anything I would prefer to know in advance so I have some idea what to expect. 

If you are a fellow book blogger, and would like to take part on your own blogs feel free, just use #CarinaChristmas tag for anything Christmassy from Carina you post during that week. 

How can you get in contact?

If you are willing to contribute something to this possibly mad idea of mine, then please either send me a message via the contact form on the right hand side this page or contact me on twitter - @gilbster1000

How can you follow along?

Keep an eye on my blog during the week beginning 23rd November, or on twitter using #CarinaChristmas 

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this, and would love all the help possible to make this a fabulous celebration of Christmas.,


  1. Sounds great. Events like this makes me wish I had my own blog x

    1. If you wanted to do some guest reviews to take part I would happily take them Tanya, or for the blogs you guest for.

    2. Thanks. I will see what carina Christmas books I have x

  2. What a great idea Rachel, really looking from to this xx 🎅

    1. Thanks Leigh, the line up is looking pretty spectacular so far, more authors and content than I would normally cram into 7 days, It will be loads of fun once it starts!


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