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Book Review - Greedily Yours - Episode 1: Taste Test by Emma Hamilton

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Title: Greedily Yours - Episode 1: Taste Test
Author: Emma Hamilton
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley 
Publisher: Bastei Entertainment
Publication Date: 15th June 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Mia Maxwell loves food. She loves it so much that she's made it her career. On the surface Mia seems to have it all. She lives in trendy east London with her best friend, Lizzie, who owns a cupcake cafe. By day she runs her own food PR consultancy, and by night she's a food blogger with a burgeoning audience. Mia has a banker boyfriend, Paul, who enjoys travelling the world, enabling her to taste the globe's culinary delights. But Mia is still hungry and, when she heads down to Cornwall to run a food festival, she doesn't realise that her entire life is about to be cast adrift. 

Episode 1 - Mia Maxwell knows that her love of food is tied to her healthy appetite for romance. She's admitted as much on her food blog, "Culinary Confessions of a Greedy Girl." But could a chance encounter with a fellow foodie in Cornwall really entice her to question her own romantic relationship? 

As a book blogger I really should read the descriptions more carefully on Netgalley before pressing request! It wasn't until I had received this book, that I twigged it was Episode 1 of an 8 part serialisation of a novel. Generally I would prefer to read the whole book in one go, and not in many different parts. 

However I did find that I enjoyed the Taste Test episode. I thought it started off fairly slow, but I was definitely starting to have a properly level of immersion and enthralment that means I was a bit gutted when the episode finished and I didn't have any more pages to find out what happened next (until I buy the next one and its released!)

Mia Maxwell is an excellent food blogger, her blog posts are equally amusing and informative, and her overall attitude to food is quite refreshing. She likes to eat, and loves talking about food too. Luckily her best friend runs an delicious sounding cupcake business, and Mia regularly helps her friend with menu descriptions, and taste testing. 

Mia has a high flying boyfriend of 4 years, but she doesn't seem completely satisfied by him or even happy with him. It seems as though they are stuck in a bit of a rut, although it may take a few more episodes for Mia to do anything about it.

Greedily Yours - Taste Test is a good start to the serial and does exactly what it is designed to do, and made me very interested in the rest of the book, as I would like to know what happens to Mia next. And for those that love seeing recipes in books, there are a few at the back, that featured in the story. 

Thank you to Bastei Entertainment and Netgalley for my review copy of this book. This was my honest review.

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