Monday, 1 June 2015

Paperback Summer

It's the first of June, we are almost half way through the year already, and since the whether is hopefully getting warmer, it seems like the perfect time to take part in a reading challenge, and the one I am proud and delighted to be participating in is Paperback Summer.

Hosted by Sophie at Reviewed The Book & Suze at Librarian Lavender the idea behind it is to get everyone reading through their stacks of paperbacks. I am guilty for buying books in paperback and then favouring my kindle over them, when it comes to choosing my next read.

However over the next three months, I am hopefully going to make some inroads into my cardboard box full of physical books. Ideally I'd love to have less books in the box at the end of the three months than at the beginning, It isn't realistic though, as I find books have a way of appearing in my life, faster than I can read them!

Awkward Sized Books (9)

What I do hope is that I can at that very least read all my hard back books, and also those books that are marginally larger than the average paperback in its general dimensions. This is partly due to them being annoying to carry about, and also because they seem to take up more space than other books. 

Stacks of books I have won as prizes (23)

Stacks of books I have purchased previously but still not read (14)

I would like my after pictures in each individual category of photo to be smaller than when I start.

There are 46 books pictured here, and a challenger lasting 92 days. In theory at my reading speed it is possible to read that many books.. in practice, I have books to read for reviewing purposes from Netgalley, and I will be participating in the Harper Impulse Readathon during the first two weeks of August (more details on that nearer the time). 

As a result what I am hoping to do is to read (and review) a paperback every 3-4 books that I read, so average of 1-2 a week. No idea whether I will manage it, but I will give it a go.

If you want to follow along with my challenge, and the other participants summer, please keep an eye on #PaperbackSummer over on twitter. 

If you would like to take part yourself, this is open to all readers, not just bloggers and reviewers then take a look at the sign up page Based on past challenges hosted by Suze and Sophie, there will be a lot of fun and book chat, both on facebook and twitter between the particpants. So if you like reading, or want to tackle some of your paperbacks over the summer, please do take part.


  1. Ooooh, good luck, Rachel, Sophie and Suze. I see some interesting books on your pile, Rachel. Happy reading! :) xx

    1. It's scary my piles have grown slightly larger since I took those photos. It will be an interesting summer of reading!


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