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Book Review - The Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson - #20BooksofSummer

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Title: The Weekend Wives
Author: Christina Hopkinson
Format reviewed: Paperback 
Source: Bookbridgr
Publisher: Hodder
Publication Date: 30th June 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

A warm-hearted, funny and fondly-observed story about three friends united by a world where secrets abound and marriages are put to the test...

Weekend wife n. 1 a wife whose husband works away and only comes home at the weekends. 2 a wife who misses her husband when he's gone, but wants him gone when he's at home.

Emily's vision of country life was building dens with the children, walking a glossy hound and cosy nights in by the fire. But her kids are more interested in their smartphones, the family dog has 'issues' and she's permanently freezing. And when husband Matt is home, he still seems worryingly distant.

Sasha and her husband Ned used to have a great connection, but nowadays the only connection between them is via Skype. And when a woman from Ned's past comes with news that threatens the perfect life she's built for her children, Sasha feels further from her husband than ever before.

Tamsin's husband might be away during the week, but he's never truly gone. He seems to know her every move, which is fine, sort of - until her first love reappears in the most mysterious of ways...

The Weekend Wives is a thoroughly enjoyable story, about a group of three women, all with one main thing in common - they have husbands that work in a different city/country during the week only to return home at the weekend. 

By weekday they are in Emily and Sasha's cases single parents, and by the time the weekend rolls around their husbands are too tired from the week and travel, to be much more than in the way, once they are home. Tamsin's situation is slightly different, but is arguable the most interesting of them all. 

Tamsin has never really grown up from the teenager she was when she met husband John, and he makes the most of it, in the way he moulds their life. Sasha's husband Ned is hiding a deep secret from his past, before they even met, and it provides some interesting thought provoking questions once it is revealed. Then there is Emily who has three young children, a dog that may need therapy, and her husband Matt, seems incredibly distracted whenever he is home, with his eyes always on a screen, but what is he hiding. 

Three families, three secrets and a growing friendship between the ladies, once they all start seeing each other regularly after a neighbour's party. I loved the differences between their situations and it gave a good depth to the book, with the various strands. 

The Weekend Wives was an entertaining story that has some tense bits, and also touches in a degree of depth on some sensitive issues. This is not completely frothy chick lit, but in fact a well rounded story, with some romance, secrets, intrigue and a mad dog! This is the first book I have read by the author in many years, but its made more keen to check out some of her back catalogue to see what I have missed out on. 

Thank you to Rebecca Mundy and Bookbridgr for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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