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Funday Friday - Truth or Lie? - Jo Lambert - Month 3 Week 2

Welcome to the latest edition of Truth of Lie. My name is Rachel and I will be your host, for this exciting new game show. Each Friday, I will have one contestant, and they will be answering at least 14 questions. There is of course one small twist...

For three of the answers, they have to lie. It is your task as the viewer to guess which three answers are lies. You are allowed 3 guesses and I want them posted into the comments field. 

Every 4 weeks, I will close the guessing, count up how many correct answers each of you has, and create a leaderboard. Anyone who is top of the leaderboard, will go into a draw for a paperback of the winners choice (open internationally). 

Please do include a way for me to contact you (email or twitter or similar), so that I can let you know if you have won. 

The weekend after a 4 week period closes, not only will I produce a leaderboard, and announce a winner, I will also let you know into the true answers, and which were the lies.  

Closing date for the third month is 11pm on 4th August 2016. 

So without further ado, let's meet today's contestant. 

Good morning contestant, please can you tell me your name and a little bit about yourself?

Hi I’m Jo Lambert and I write drama driven romantic fiction.  A West Country girl I live on the eastern side of the city of Bath .  I’m currently working on my seventh novel, Watercolours in the Rain, set in South Devon.  I’ve a blog and a dedicated website for my writing  so you can catch up with me there.

Please to meet you Jo, I look forward to seeing more information about Watercolours in the Rain once its available.  

Now onto the show, and remember everyone, Jo Lambert hasn't been entirely truthful with three of these answers, so it is up to you to guess which ones they are (only 3 guesses per person though). 

1) Who is your favourite author? 

George R R Martin. 

2) What book do you wish you had written? 

Colleen McCullough’s The Thorn Birds  

3) What was your most memorable holiday ever?

 A two week holiday in Spain.  The first week we drove from Madrid to Toledo to Caceres to Cordoba and then on to the coast.  The second week we rented a friend’s house five minutes’ walk from the beach.

4) If you could be an animal what would you be and why? 

A golden eagle.  I’d love to know how it feels to be able to fly.

5) What superpower would you love to have? 

I’d like to be able to transport myself from one place to another in a similar fashion to the way the Star Trek transporter did.  No checking in at airports, no luggage to organise.  Just stand there, think of your destination and arrive!

6) If you could only read one author for the rest of your life (and I’m aware that’s a very scary world), who would you choose and why? 

George R R Martin. Although I write romance I became so hooked on the Game of Thrones series I’ve actually read it more than once! Still waiting for that elusive next book!

7) If you could choose anybody famous to star in the story of your life, who would it be?

Charlize Theron

8) Besides reading, which I am guessing is a given, what other hobbies do you have? 

Writing, travel, listening to music and eating out with friends

9) Who is your ideal Disney character?

Minnie Mouse 

10) What is your best childhood memory?

Learning to ride a pony.  

11) What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music? 

I love Adele and never get tired of listening to her. Must be accompanied by wine and chocolate of course!

12) Who is the most important person in the world to you? 

It’s got to be my wonderful husband!

13) Can you let us in on an embarrassing secret? 

I once wore a shell suit, something I swore I’d never do. In the 1990s, visiting friends staying on the coast I managed to get soaked by a stray wave while walking along the beach. Having no change of clothes I had to borrow my friends early morning dog walking outfit – a white pink and turquoise shell suit.  Even worse, I had to wear it to the pub for lunch!

14) If you won the lottery, how would you spend the money?  

Depending on the amount I’d buy a fabulous home in the country where I could have my own writing room in the garden.  I’d also set money aside to start up a charity of some sort.

15) What are you most scared of? 


What a fantastic super power that would be, to go around theme parks and not have to queue, to get away with queueing generally...until you have to queue for the transporters. Thank you so much Jo for taking part. 

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Truth or Lie? I will be back next week with another episode, and in the mean time...
Don't forget to guess the lies, to be in with a chance of a prize! 

About Jo Lambert

Born and raised in rural Wiltshire, Jo Lambert grew up with a love of books and a vivid imagination. As a child she enjoyed creating her own adventure stories similar to Enid Blyton's Famous Five. Writing always stayed with her, but college, work and eventually marriage found it was kept very much in the background. However in 2009 she finally had her first novel - When Tomorrow Comes - published. Three other connected books - Love Lies and Promises, The Ghost of You and Me and Between Today and Yesterday followed. They became collectively known as the Little Court Series. 

In 2013 she decided to give up full time work to concentrate fully on her writing. Two other books have been written since - The Other Side of Morning which is the final book of the Little Court Series and Summer Moved On, a love story set in South Devon. Jo is currently working on Watercolours in the Rain, the sequel to Summer Moved On. She describes her writing style as drama driven romance.  

Jo is married and lives in a village on the eastern edge of Bath with her husband, one small grey feline called Mollie and a green MGB GT.  She loves travel, red wine and rock music

Summer Moved On

After a long-buried secret tears her family apart, Jess Hayden moves to the South Devon village of Lynbrook to live with her uncle.   Rufus owns the village pub, The Black Bull, and having visited before, Jess knows the villagers well…especially one of them.

TalĂșn Hansen has a reputation, making him the kind of man no decent girl should get involved with.  Jess, however, has been under his spell from the moment they first met.  Although they always seem to bring out the worst in each other, there is no denying the attraction that simmers between them - an attraction Jess knows she needs to keep under control after repeated warnings from her uncle.  

As she settles into village life she begins to learn more about this wild, dark-haired gypsy with the compelling eyes, and realises their lives hold many similarities.  Despite her uncle’s warnings, she begins to spend time with him.  For Jess, the coming summer holds passion; for TalĂșn the hope that he has at last found someone who truly cares for him.

But as autumn approaches, a dark shadow from Jess’s past returns, bringing far-reaching and unwanted changes for both of them.


  1. Many thanks for hosting me Rachel xx

  2. Another very difficult one! I'll go with 7, 13, 15

  3. These are utterly impossible!

  4. ok I am going for 7, 11 and 15! This is hard!!!! Its hurting my brain! lol

  5. I have absolutely no idea! Let's try 7, 9 and 15...

  6. I'm going to guess that you don't idolise Minnie Mouse, you've never worn a shell suit and you're not afraid of lightning.

  7. I'm going to guess that you don't idolise Minnie Mouse, you've never worn a shell suit and you're not afraid of lightning.


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