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Book Review - A Song For Tomorrow by Alice Peterson

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Title: A Song For Tomorrow
Author: Alice Peterson
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 9th February 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Tom fell in love with Alice the moment he saw her. He realises that being with her will not be easy, but she is a force of nature, a burst of sunlight in his otherwise ordinary world. 

Some people might look at Alice and think she has everything, but Alice knows she is not like other women. Her life is complicated, unpredictable, difficult. Alice does not like pity. All she wants to do, has ever wanted to do, is sing.

Alice has been told not to follow her dreams. So has Tom. But when fate has already dealt a tough hand, it’s time to stop listening to everyone else and only follow their hearts.

A Song For Tomorrow is easily the best book I have read this year, so far, and I suspect will be a strong contender for one of my books of the year. 

I want to tell you every last thing about this book, but if I do I will be doing it a grave disservice, as there is no way I can either stop and not give away vital spoilers, nor can I really describe just what I am feeling right now. I fear anything I write won't do this absolutely wonderful book justice and all I want to do is encourage you to stop reading this rambling, go and buy this book, and tell you to start reading. 

I firmly believe this book will live with me for a long time, and that it will also do great things to highlight just what it is to live with Cystic Fibrosis, which is a horrible genetic disease, that Alice was born with. It is based on the story of singer Alice Martineau, and it feels as though there has been a lot of thought and research but into the way the story has been portrayed. 

Alice Peterson, is no stranger to writing about tricky subjects, in fact as far as I can recall all of her books definitely have a more serious side to them, but I think she has outdone herself here. The story is filled with compassion, and my emotions were being ramped up the entire time. I was pretty much in tears towards the end, and I really wasn't sure which way the book was going to end, but I had realised that tissues were likely to be a must.

The writing is beautiful, and despite the tricky subject matter, there are also moments that did make me laugh. There is a wonderful cast of characters, who I really felt for, especially Alice's anti-support group, which are her best friends, two fellow CF sufferers. Alice's brother Jake was just what you would want for in  a sibling, and their regular movie nights brought great pleasure. 

Besides Alice, who is of course the key to this entire story, and is the person I'd rather you discover for yourself, as I don't have the words, or at least I do, but Alice hates people calling her brave, and that is the sort of language I would want to use.  Tom, falls in love with Alice at first sight, and even after discovering she has Cystic Fibrosis, was determined to be with her, and their's is such a pure and wonderful love, but not without its complications. 

A Song For Tomorrow is written predominately from Alice's perspective, but we get occasional diary entries from her mother, which gives the family's perspective on the whole situation, in fact the story starts with the entry from when Alice was born, and it was from that moment that I was hooked on the book. The other point of view we see is Tom's and he is a lovely man, who is just trying to support Alice the best he can. 

Alice is determined to become a singer, and it is so inspiring the way she doesn't let anything stand in her way. We see some of her lyrics and the are powerful, and I loved the vocal coach, who was adamant that she would turn Alice into a gold medal standard Olympian of the music industry. 

There are many elements to this book, but ultimately it is an inspirational tale of someone who is trying to live life to its fullest, while not letting her condition affect her, includes a powerful love story and a supportive family dynamic.  

Thank you to much to SJV at Simon & Schuster for this copy of the book, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 


  1. Fabulous review, Rachel
    A Song for Tomorrow is now sitting on my Kindle, waiting to be read. I'll probably get to it when I've finished reading my current book.
    Judging by this review, you absolutely HAVE to read The Legacy of Lucy Harte by Emma Heatherington. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the best book I've read so far this year. It's beautiful, the most life-affirming and uplifting story I think I've ever read.

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I will definitely add it to my Amazon wishlist. I have heard of the book, just struggling with the far too many books I'd love to read, but not enough time syndrome!


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