Thursday, 2 February 2017

Cover Reveal - Summer With The Country Village Vet by Zara Stoneley

I'm very excited to be sharing with you my second cover reveal of the week, and this one is also a book that will without a doubt be reviewed on Rachel's Random Reads when I can. I absolutely love this authors previous novels, and am very excited about this new one too.

So here it is the simply gorgeous Summer With The Country Village Vet by Zara Stoneley.

How stunning is that cover, and what a remarkable different style it looks from her previous books. I love it, and on this grey February morning, it brings me the feeling of summer.

I can practically hear you asking so what is the book about, and when is it out, so I'll stop talking and give you what I know! 

Publication Date: 2nd June (Ebook), 29th June (Paperback)
Available for Pre-order now on Amazon UK

School teacher Lucy has her life mapped out. She hasn’t got time for a hamster, let alone a man, as she battles her way to the top in a city centre school. Then she’s made redundant. And the only job on offer is in a village school that’s so tiny even her satnav struggles to find it.

But as Lucy settles into life in the idyllic Langtry Meadows she discovers that a house full of animals is more fun than it sounds, the men are nothing like James Herriot or Doc Martin, and a warm-hearted community make it hard to keep her distance and her feelings hidden.

Vet Charlie has secrets he doesn’t want to share. His private life has shattered and all he wants to do is take refuge in his work. But even in Langtry Meadows he can’t hide for ever – and soon his painful past catches up with him.

Spring turns to summer, and Lucy and Charlie both have the chance to turn over a new leaf and start anew. Can Lucy learn to let go and love, and will Charlie share his secret and learn to trust again?

A fun, romantic story to make you smile and long for your own country escape.

I am already longing to curl up on the sofa and settle into life in Langry Meadows. I really hope you are two. Let us know your thoughts about this cover and blurb reveal. Will you be buying and reading it? 

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