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Book Review - Chalet Girls by Lorraine Wilson

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Title: Chalet Girls
Author: Lorraine Wilson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 10th February 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

What happens when life in Verbier suddenly goes off-piste?

Lucy’s been bowled over by the sexy extreme skier who’s hurtled into her life. But can she accept Seb’s commitment to his adrenaline-filled career?

Trusting any man is out of the question after what’s happened to Beth. So why is she so drawn to twinkly-eyed Dan when he’s leaving at the end of the season?

Sophie’s madly in love with her gorgeous fiancĂ©, Luc. Only instead of gleefully planning the winter wedding of her dreams, all she wants is to run and hide…

Three Chalet Girls are about to strap on their skis and find out!

I'm over the moon with my long awaited fictional return to Verbier, home of the the wonderful Chalet Girls. I love the action on the slopes but its the apres ski, and the relationships that really appeal to me too. Within minutes of my spotting the first mention of some of the longest running recurring characters in this series, I felt as though I had come home. 

If you haven't read any of the previous chalet girls novellas then don't worry as this can easily be read as a standalone, and all the relevant back story is included.  If you have read even some of the others, you may well recognise Holly, Tash and Sophie and you will see how their stories are progressing. 

In fact Sophie is one of the three girls this book is focusing on, and up coming nuptials with the incredibly sexy Luc. Then there is Lucy who  has had a rather sheltered upbringing, but she can't help but fall for Seb, the adrenaline filled extreme skier. Beth on the other hand, is new to Verbier and its clear something has rocked her world back in the UK, as she seems rather nervous but also determined. 

With all three of our main girls there are in amongst the romance and sex filled storylines, they each have their own problems to overcome, which do add some more serious moments to this generally light hearted novel. 

I found Chalet Girls incredibly pleasurable to read on so many levels, that I did have to take a break half way through, or I would have needed a cold shower, from the heat level of the more intimate scenes. I always enjoy Lorraine Wilson's descriptions of men and sex, and even though this is a longer book than the rest of the Chalet Girls, the pace and intimacy levels don't drop off or become stale. 

I really don't think there was any element of the Chalet Girls that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.  I love the setting of Verbier, delving deeper into the lives of Lucy, Sophie and Beth and their men, and I just wish I had any sense of balance so I could visit and enjoy the slopes for myself! 

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harper Impulse for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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  1. Great review. Was one of the books in the series turned into a movie? I recall Ed Westwick staring in Chalet Girl; wondering if they are related.


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