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Book Review - Sins of the Father by Sheryl Browne - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #58

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Title: Sins of the Father
Author: Sheryl Browne
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Choc Lit
Publication Date: 28th February 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

What if you’d been accused of one of the worst crimes imaginable?

Detective Inspector Matthew Adams is slowly picking up the pieces from a case that nearly cost him the lives of his entire family and his own sanity too. On the surface, he seems to be moving on, but he drinks to forget and when he closes his eyes, the nightmares still come.

But the past is the past or is it? Because the evil Patrick Sullivan might be out of the picture, but there’s somebody who is just as intent on making Matthew’s life hell, and they’re doing it in the cruelest way possible.

When Matthew finds himself accused of a horrific and violent crime, will his family stand by him? And will he even be around to help when his new enemy goes after them as well?

I've barely taken a breath for the entirety of the second half of this book, it has completely had me hooked, and I feel as though Sheryl Browne has completely bamboozled me with what I thought I knew and how it turned out. 

This is the sequel to After She's Gone and although in theory it could be read as a standalone, I really think it would be best if you read the wonderful first book first, partly as its brilliant, and partly because it had been over a years since I read it, and I found it hard to re-connect to the characters at first, although things came back to me slowly. For that reason I can't fully judge how much this does work as a standalone. 

I have nothing but armfuls of compassion for the incredibly unlucky DI Matthew Adams, so seems to have a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, with horrific consequences, not just for himself but for the entirety of his family. 

We are introduced to the villain of the book very early on, and showed some things from both points of view, but the author was really careful in only giving us snapshots into the world of crazy! This person is cruel, calculated and seems determined to destroy Matthew. 

Matthew also suffers from what appears to be crippling asthma, as a mild asthma sufferer myself, I am amazed at just how bad his condition is, but also amazed how often he didn't seem to know where his inhaler was. I make sure mine is always with me, and I barely need it thankfully. 

I may though have made one vital mistake reading this book, I was at home alone, and kept thinking I could hear sounds in the house, which just added to the atmosphere of the read, but has left me jumpy as anything, and I am dreading going to bed as I have a feeling this will have an affect of my sleep or dreams! However this should just be seen as a compliment as to just how good this book is, in that it was making me feel that way. 

Sins of the Father is a brilliantly crafted story, that ramps up the intensity as the book goes along, culminating in a thrilling finale and kept me guessing to the last few pages.  The book is a pleasure to read at all times (well as much as a pleasure as being scared witless at points, and seeing horrible things happen to people can be), and really does justice to  the continuation of the DI Matthew Adams story. 

Thank you so much to Choc Lit and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Thank you so much to Sheryl Browne, and her mad cap sisters on twitter and my comments last week, which put up such a great fight against Kitty French and the Bookouture team, that it made me decide I had to read this book too, instantly. Thank you to those who told me to make sure I had the time to read this in one sitting...took me a couple of sittings but still only half a day so glad you let me know.   

The review of the winning vote book has just been posted, alongside this one, and I really hope everyone enjoys both the reviews! 

Just a quick note to say the vote will be back, but is taking a temporary break while I sort out my current health issues..nothing too serious but enough to make sorting extra bits for the blog a bit painful at the moment. 


  1. OMG! Rachel! I had no idea you were reading it! I can't believe this fantastic review! You've got me laughing and whooping at the same time! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I don't know how you fitted it into your crazy schedule, Rachel, but I am ecstatic that you did. I hope you are okay, lovely. My sisters send their apologies, btw. They're behaving now! ;)

    1. I couldn't resist surprising you with the review Sheryl, I have literally just copied it over to Goodreads and Amazon for you.

      Thankfully I got a bit ahead of myself on my scheduling and after the fun of last week I figured I had to move you up my mental pile!

      Unfortunately in amongst it all I appear to have developed a migraine and still have a headache, so just trying to take things easy...thankfully kindle reading helps!

  2. Fantastic review...glad you enjoyed it! I think I'll definitely be getting hold of both books myself. Hope you're feeling better soon xx


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