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Book Review - Under the Cherry Tree by Lilac Mills - Chances Fortnight - #AroundTheUKIn144Books #Worcestershire

I feel as though I took a chance on Under the Cherry Tree as Lilac Mills is a debut author, and also a book blogger, and when you are reviewing a brand new author, without really hearing much about the book it could always be a gamble! 

Amazon UK
Title:  Under the Cherry Tree
Author: Lilac Mills
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Lilac Tree Books
Publication Date: 31st May 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

“My dog didn't like men. Actually that was a lie – she didn't like the men I chose. The only ones who rocked her world had been my father (who was no longer with us), Ross (who was gay), and the butcher on the high street (for obvious reasons).”

When Jenni Meadows has the opportunity to expand her dog-grooming business she takes it, and when a nice man appears on her horizon but fails to make any sparks fly, she decides she has enough on her plate with her business without adding a boyfriend into the mix.

Besides, Millie doesn’t like him and when her dog doesn’t like a man, Jenni knows all about it. So why does Millie take a very strange liking to the new vet, especially since he has a taciturn expression, wears a wedding ring, and wields a needle?

Under the Cherry Tree is a tale of love and hope, waggy tails, and cold noses.

What a rollercoaster of emotion I have just been on, and don't mean it in the typical this was a heavily emotional book. In fact for the most part its incredibly light hearted with plenty of laughs to be had. And its due to the quality of the writing and how well you get to know the characters which is why certain events hit me incredibly hard. 

There was a particular film that came to mind during parts of this book, which this felt slightly reminiscent of, but I will refrain from naming the film, as anyone knows it may then guess certain outcomes of this story and I wouldn't want that. 

As far as I'm concerned this book is all about Millie, she is the best character, and although she doesn't speak, she communicates surprisingly well and its amazing at how many men she seems to really dislike. I should possibly mention that Millie is in fact a Westie, and one of the best four legged characters I've read this year. 

She is full of character, and is inseparable from her human Jenni. Jenni is dog mad, and hopes to expand her dog grooming business to include dog behaviour training and agility classes, plus a whole lot more. Jenni is also single although there are three very distinct possible men on the horizon, so she hopes one of them may turn into something more. 

There is Mark with his parent's dog Randy who is a real handful, Neil the architect who feels a bit slimy, even from the start, and there is locum vet Scott. Of these men Millie attacks one, fawns over another and shows utter indifference to the third.  

Besides Millie and men, there is another storyline in progress, which is about Jenni's expansion plans, and whether she will touch the money she has in order to buy the perfect property for the business, and its not long after Jenni starts to look at a property that the title of the book begins to make some sense. 

Under The Cherry Tree is a very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable debut novel, that had me smiling and crying. It is a reasonably quick read and Lilac has a great turn of phrase, which pulls the reader right into the book and won't let you go. This book is a must for dog lovers, dogs in fiction lovers, animal lovers and  generally anyone who enjoys a good fun romantic comedy. 

Thank you so much to Lilac for this copy of the book which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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