Monday 25 September 2017

Book Review - The Little Village Christmas by Sue Moorcroft - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #70

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Title: The Little Village Christmas
Author: Sue Moorcroft
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 9th October 2017
Rating: 5 Stars

Alexia Kennedy – interior decorator extraordinaire – has been tasked with giving the little village of Middledip the community cafĂ© it’s always dreamed of.

After months of fundraising, the villagers can’t wait to see work get started – but disaster strikes when every last penny is stolen. With Middledip up in arms at how this could have happened, Alexia feels ready to admit defeat.

But help comes in an unlikely form when woodsman, Ben Hardaker and his rescue owl Barney, arrive on the scene. Another lost soul who’s hit rock bottom, Ben and Alexia make an unlikely partnership.

However, they soon realise that a little sprinkling of Christmas magic might just help to bring this village – and their lives – together again…

Interior decorator meets brooding woodsman, who has a baby owl, in the long awaited return to Middledip, which features so huge storylines that kept the drama high, not to mention sparks flying between our two main characters, in a superb story. 

Lets start with Middledip a location that Sue Moorcroft fans will recognise instantly, as its been home to a few of her previous books. Although I have read some of those, its been a while so the familiarity I personally hoped for wasn't there, but it didn't matter, as you didn't need to know anything going into the book. That being said there were a few characters mentioned, where my thought was yes! I've read the book they feature a lot in. 

Alexia is looking forward to working on the project that will ultimately launch her career and allow her to leave Middledip for bigger and brighter jobs.  It is the refurbishment of old pub The Angel, and turning it into a community cafe. 

The night of the wrecking party, she meets Ben the local tree surgeon and lets just say things become a bit awkward between them after that night and subsequent morning.  Not least because the funds for the  community cafe are discovered missing, which sets into place the chain of events for most of the book. 

Ben moved from one small village to this one, in part to be closer to his uncle Gabe, and because he had personal problems of his own. He is looking after Barney who has a great character for an owl and always raised a smile from me whenever he was in the scene. 

There are many surprises along the way and I was drawn into the action immediately and despite being busy in my real life I was continually longing to be back in the book to see how things were going, and how everything would turn out in the end.  

As always with  a Sue Moorcroft book I was thoroughly enjoying the story, location, characters and their various situations. It deals with  a few different issues, and discovering the truth as to what led Ben to Middledip was very interesting, and I'm not sure how I would have coped in his situation when various truths began to emerge. 

Finally for those that love leaving books with Christmas in the title until December, don't worry Christmas actually plays a very small part in this book, and its more of a autumn/winter book than one that will make you reach for the mistletoe! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

This is the bit where I normally thank you for voting last week, tell you I appreciate it and remind you to take part again. Well all of that is completely true  so thank you.

But special thanks this week has to go to Sue Moorcroft herself, who within an hour or two of last week's vote post going live, had engaged her #TeamMoorcroft into action and my twitter and comments were filled with votes for The Little Village Christmas before I was even awake!  What a great way to start a day! 

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  1. Thanks so much for a great review, Rachel! :-) I'm so thrilled you enjoyed The Little Village Christmas. I LOVED being back in Middledip and can't wait to get back there again.


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