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Book Review - A Sewing Circle In Cornwall by Laura Briggs

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Title: A Sewing Circle in Cornwall
Author: Laura Briggs
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published 
Publication Date: 9th January 2018
Rating: 4 Stars

Determined to help with the autumn village heritage fete for charity, Julianne joins the local quilting circle and discovers that her creative talents do not extend to patchwork and small stitches, and, worse, that her time is stretched too thin already by assisting Lady Amanda in organizing the event's festivities. When Julianne encounters an age-old feud between two villagers over the village's 'Old Cornish' name, she wants to get involved in finding the solution — and, as a result of this impulsive habit, incites a fierce argument between herself and Matt that leaves them both feeling distant and unhappy.

Fighting with Matthew is bad enough — but to make things worse, the village's requested 'celebrity host' for the fete is none other than Petal Price-Parker, who arrives as gorgeous as ever, and with her marriage doomed to be nothing more than celebrity gossip in a few more weeks. To Julianne's dismay, Matt and Petal are thrown together by the local garden club's role in the fete, where it becomes obvious that Matt's runway model ex still finds him attractive after years apart.

Is this the end for Julianne and Matt's perfect romance? Will Matt's feelings for Petal return? Will Julianne finish her pathetic patchwork quilt in time for the fete? Find the answers to these questions and others in Book Nine of the bestselling romance series!

Can't believe we are on book 9 already, and that I have stuck with a series of novellas for so long, which can only show how much I really do love this series.  And what I found myself reflecting on as I was reading A Sewing Circle in Cornwall is just how different each book is. 

This time around there are three  main storylines in place. There is Julianne attempting to sew a small patchwork quilt in time for the traditional Cornish fete, despite her being clueless at craft. There is the huge fight that she has with Matt and leading onto that the knowledge that his ex-fiance is in town. 

Despite being book 9 I believe this is still able to be read as a standalone, as it works as a story in it own right, although prior knowledge is always good and the each book really is quite quick to read. 

This was another good addition to the series, I loved seeing Julianne's attempts at quilting, and learning about the differences in old Cornish languages, plus the wonder whether Cal's petition would work and for the village to have its name changed. 

I really enjoyed A Sewing Circle in Cornwall, and am already looking forward to book 10, and the talent show! 

Thank you to Laura Briggs for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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