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Book Review - Last of the Summer Moet by Wendy Holden

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Title: Last of the Summer Moet
Author: Wendy Holden
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication Date: 1st February 2018
Rating: 3 Stars

Laura Lake, deputy editor of glossy mag Society, has been promoted to the hot seat while her boss recovers from 'exhaustion' in rehab. Finally she's in charge, but who can she share the free jollies with?

Not her international glamourpuss BFF Lulu, who's left Knightsbridge for Britain's poshest village. Lulu's busy living the good life at her new pile Riffs, a ex-rock star's ex-country mansion.

But not everything in her guitar-shaped garden is lovely; Lulu's attempts to join the hunt, act in the panto and grow the biggest marrow are blocked by the snobbish locals.

Who does she call on for help? Journo extraordinaire, Laura Lake...

Laura Lake is back in a whole new adventure that starts at the hilarious and moves onto the sublimely ridiculous, with one of the most farcical plots I have ever read. 

It is so far fetched on so many levels that all I can do is applaud the imagination and creativity of the author for coming up with it in the first place, and for the most part elements of the story made sense. 

The ending which could have been brilliant, felt incredibly rushed, and I'm left with a sense that the series will just get arguably sillier and sillier in its storylines of what Laura is trying to investigate. 

I would have loved to get to know any of her off-on men in her life better. I did enjoy all the increasingly weird features ideas for Society magazine, some of which are definitely verging onto the bizarre. 

Dependent on your sense of humour this is a book that could be described as hilarious, it just didn't quite hit my funny bone. I did enjoy Laura's best friend Lulu, but after a while all of the mispronunciations started to get mildly annoying, as I was having to try along with Laura to work out what Lulu was talking about most of the time. 

Although this didn't work particularly well in places for me, I can fully appreciate just much work has been put into writing this book, complete with all the new characters of the village Laura was investigating.  Unfortunately so many of the villagers and Laura's colleagues just were unlikeable. 

After the brilliance of Laura Lake and the Three Weddings (or whatever the current title is) I was just left disappointed by this one unfortunately. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Head of Zeus for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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