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Book Review - Did I Mention I Was Getting Married? by Julie Butterfield

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Title: Did I Mention I Was Getting Married?
Author: Julie Butterfield
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 15th September 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

Two years ago Rebecca Miles won the lottery and ended her marriage to her overbearing and unpleasant husband Daniel. She had every intention of putting the past behind her and starting again, but it turned out to be so much more difficult than she had imagined. Then Daniel announces he is getting married again and as Rebecca broods over how he has found it so easy to move on her daughter phones with good news - she’s getting married too! Determined not to be left behind Rebecca throws caution to the wind and finally meets someone who can give her the new start she so desperately wants. Now her ex-husband is back in her life, the future Mrs Miles wants to be her best friend, she has her daughter’s wedding to plan and a ramshackle old wedding venue to renovate to its former perfection in just a few months, if only she can find a builder who will take on the job. There are challenges, surprises, love and heartbreak ahead but at the end of a long, hot summer, will there be any weddings?

Starting two years after the previous book finished this can easily be read as a standalone. There is enough relevant backstory threaded in, but to really appreciate it, you should read Did I Mention I Won the Lottery? first, if for no other reason than its fabulous. 

First let me say I was very close to reaching inside the pages of this book and doing unspeakable violence to Annabel.  She is to be the new Mrs. Miles, and is engaged to be married to the dastardly Daniel, Rebecca's husband from the first book.  And omg, is she annoying.  She wants to get along with Rebecca as one big happy family. 

Who in their right mind would want to be on good terms with, to the extent of declaring a room in the old wife's house their own room for whenever they happen to be in town?  Annabel is one of the most self centred, shallow characters I have come across in a long while I  can't explain how much she irritated me. 

That being said some of it was just with her over the top plans for her wedding, which were rather amusing too, so she was greatly entertaining as well as ridiculous! 

It says a lot for Julie Butterfield's writing that for both books in this series, I felt incredibly strongly against one of the characters. They were that real and life like, that had they been within reach, I may have got violent! 

As you may have guessed from the title  - there is love and marriage in the air, and its not just the ex-husband who is engaged. Rebecca's daughter Sarah also announces her engagement on the same day, and she is a lovely character and not a bridezilla. 

It's due to Sarah's thoughts on wedding venue that lead Rebecca to purchasing Willow Court and then locating a team of builders to get it renovated and ready for her daughters wedding, in addition to setting it up as a wedding venue business. 

I loved Willow Court, the transformation is so impressive and would have required far more vision than I would have.  And the two main builders, Drew and Luke - well keep an eye out for them, as they are rather key to the plot, but not necessarily in the way you may now be thinking! 

A superb sequel it kept me on my toes, and was an incredibly enjoyable book to read.  I can't help but hope that we will see more from Rebecca Miles in the future. 

Thank you to Julie Butterfield for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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