Thursday, 16 April 2015

Book Review - Warrant For Love by Sheryl Browne

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Title: Warrant For Love
Author: Sheryl Browne
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Safkhet Soul
Publication Date: 1st August 2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Life for Paul sounds like your typical country song. He comes from a broken home, his wife is divorcing him, he's got no place to live, he's losing custody of his son, and his sergeant, who's sleeping with his wife, is a loud-mouthed braggart who won't let up on him – not even at work.

Leanne's caught her (now) ex cheating on her again, but before she can give him the what-for, she's wrongfully arrested for soliciting – by Paul and his partner. One thing leads to another and things could be looking up for Paul, except for Leanne's friends – quarrelling mom Nicky and financial goddess Jade – have it out for her ex.

Leanne wants closure, Paul wants a home, and Nicky and Jade want revenge. Blackmail, lies, adultery, entrapment. Will it all work out in the end or will Paul uphold the law? It sounds like he needs a Warrant for Love.

PC Paul Davis is a loveable, slightly bumbling cop. He has had a hard life, and is currently going through a divorce. His soon to be ex-wife is is sleeping with Paul's sergeant, and with a bit of digging Paul realises, his sergeant has a questionable history. Paul is currently living in a seedy bedsit and wanting to gain custody of his son.

Paul, and his partner Mike, while out on duty one evening spot a woman, who appears to be kerb crawling and could be soliciting, so Paul goes in for the arrest. The woman in question is Leanne, who had just discovered her other half of 2 years has been cheating on her, and is understandably annoyed.

Leanne and Paul get to know each other a bit from this wrongful arrest and it is clear that Paul is attracted to Leanne.

Leeanne, and her sister Nicky and best friend Jade want revenge over Richard (the ex) and come up with some great ideas on how to get it (not all of them lawful). Nicky is a stresssed out mum who seems to be having trouble with her own husband at the moment. Jade struggles to get close to men, until Saun gets under her skin.

Warrant For Love features all of the stories, interlinking them seamlessly, in a great deal of depth, so you get to feel like you really know all of the main characters.

I found Warrant For Love started a bit slow, but once it hit it's stride, I really enjoyed the story. Its well written and  I would have loved to take PC Paul Davis home with me.  


  1. I can't believe I forgot to leave you a comment yesterday! Thank you so much for your lovely surprise review, Rachel. Reviews are so important. It really is hugely appreciated. I'm just sending PC Davis over. Trouble is, he won't get in the box! :) xx

    1. I'm so happy you liked the review. He doesn't need to be in a box, gift wrapped with a bow and left on the front doorstep would work too!


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