Monday 27 April 2015

Guest Post - Lorraine Wilson on Escapism - Harper Impulse Fortnight

Welcome to Harper Impulse Fortnight. For the next two weeks I will be bringing you reviews, guest posts and even a giveaway, from some of my favourite Harper Impulse authors.

I am delighted to open the Fortnight, with a wonderful guest post by Lorraine Wilson, author of the superb Chalet Girls series.

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I write escapist fiction. I make no apology for this. Fiction is a door - every time we open a novel we step into another world and someone else's shoes. I like to both read and write books set in interesting and/or glamorous locations. Escapism widens our world and distracts us from whatever crap we're dealing with in life. No it's not a cure but I don't think it's unhealthy to take a break from our problems now and then. In fact I think it's good for us.

If you don't have any problems by the way then I'm very happy for you, escapism will still entertain you and expand your world view.

Escapism also connects us. We might read something that shows the author is familiar with what we're going through and understands. A book can make us feel less alone if we're lonely or make us laugh when we're feeling low.

I'm not claiming that my books do all of that but if they even manage a little of the above I'll be very happy.

If you'd like to try Lorraine Wilson's Chalet Girl Series for free you can download a free ebook copy of Chalet Girl Plays Cupid here:

About Lorraine Wilson

I live in Wiltshire, England, with my husband but love to travel and have lived in four continents. From playing amidst Roman ruins in Africa as a child to riding a Sultan's racehorse in the Middle East as a teen, I’ve many experiences to draw on for the stories I’ve been writing ever since I can remember. 

When I’m not writing you'll find me listening to audiobooks while I sew or design handbags, usually with a rescue terrier or two curled up on my feet!

To keep up to date with Chalet Girl Series news checkout my author page on Facebook or find me on twitter @Romanceminx

Thank you so much Lorraine, and I completely agree, escapism never hurt anyone,. Please come back at midday, when my reviews of Confessions of a Chalet Girl and Secrets of a Chalet Girl go live. 


  1. I agree completely, Lorraine. I can't afford to travel as much as I'd like, but between the covers of a book I get to escape on holiday to places I've never been!

    1. I have fallen in love with so many destinations that I have read about in books. I would love to take a holiday to Los Parajos (The Trouble with Mojitos), or Taxos (in Game of Scones). I think it may be a sign that I really need a holiday and fast!

  2. I love escaping through fiction! Great therapy, and a lot cheaper than a good therapist, I'm guessing. I think I'd be a complete nutcase without books.

    1. You are not the only one Angela, I would also be completely insane without books. I think everyone needs some escapism in their lives, and this is a far safer way of escaping from real life, than drinking to excess.

  3. A fab post on how your 'escapism fiction' series came to be, Lorraine! Catch up w/ The Chalet Girls series...wonderful romance!


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