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Book Review - Hawaiian Retreat by Debbie Flint

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Title: Hawaiian Retreat - Steamy Version (Hawaiian Prize Book 3)
Author: Debbie Flint
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publication Date: 28th June 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

A disastrous break-up kicks off a year of self-discovery for internationally renowned columnist Helen Parker, as she travels the world in search of ever more exciting thrills. But when her deepest secrets suddenly catch up with her, how long can Helen stay on course to win the ground-breaking Try it For The First Time Club challenge? As romance blooms, Italian passion meets tantric sensuality in a luxurious retreat deep in the Himalayas – but how long for, when a mystery man appears. Will he turn out to be the key to her future or a ghost from her past? With everything resting on the nail-biting grand finale in Hawaii, will her secret stay hidden, or will she risk losing her column, her identity – and her man – forever? 

During the first few chapters of this book I was wondering should I have read the previous books in this trilogy first, as there were blatant references to them . However the second the story gets going properly (which doesn't take too long at all), you forget any misgivings, and start enjoying a wonderful story. 

I enjoyed every second of this book, it moves at a fast pace and is exhausting and exhilarating as you are thrown into Helen's world, and more specifically the world of the Try if For The First Time Club, the new venture Helen has embarked on. This is a series of articles about assorted challenges that Helen has to try for the first time, from the tame to the downright dangerous. 

Although Helen is based in New York, she is from England originally and during a crazy six month period, she jet sets around the world, spending time all over the place, as she experiences as many things as she can for this challenge. It becomes a ratings war between her and an ex colleague setting up something similar on a rival network. 

Helen starts the journey by meeting up with Alessandro (in Italy) before going onto Tibet with him to spend a few nights at a spa retreat. There are many firsts to be had here including taking part in a psychic class, and also Alessandro and Helen was a tantric massage demonstration, and then later on try it themselves. The scenes and descriptions of the tantric massage are definitely worth of the steamy version, and had me curious to try one for myself. 

The Nexus scenes are heart-stopping, high octane drama, and the scenes with the Elephants in Thailand are hilarious. 

Throughout the book there is also a journey of self discovery for Helen, as she tries to be less controlling and confront various issues in her life (not to mention a fear of heights). 

I feel that Hawaiian Retreat would be a brilliant beach read, as its just the right level of pure escapism, and really is action packed. There is a great cast of characters, including 2 main male interests, Helen's family and of course the office mole. 

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