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Book Review - More Than Enough by Liza Hoeksma

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Title:  More Than Enough
Author: Liza Hoeksma
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author provided review copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 2nd March 2015
Rating: 4.5 Stars

When does a friendship become an affair? 

Katie is pregnant. Again. She loves being a mum but having three kids under the age of three may be more than she can handle. Thankfully her marriage is solid enough to withstand the blast. Or is it? With husband Anthony working long hours and Katie fearful of letting him see she’s struggling to cope, could someone else become a shoulder to cry on? What line does a seemingly innocent friendship have to cross to jeopardise a family’s future? 

Meanwhile Katie’s sister Amy has problems of her own. Her 20s are fast disappearing with no sign of romance when along comes Charlie, an up and coming actor. Amy is smitten by Charlie (not to mention the world of celebrity he draws her into) and he seems to be falling head over heels too. But as Charlie’s star rises their relationship begins to change and Amy must work out if they want the same things. Will Charlie prove to be her perfect match? 

More Than Enough is a fabulous chick-lit book, it is humorous and entertaining, but also touches on some much more serious topics such as post-natal depression, loneliness, and coping with two children under 3 years old. 

Katie has just found out she is expecting her third baby, but she isn't exactly delighted with the news. Husband Anthony seems very excited, but Katie is struggling with her two children currently, with them both needing her constant attention, and both being under 3. She starts feeling very isolated and Anthony's long hours at work, don't help her in feeling much better.

 It is friend, to both of them,  Adam, who has just moved in, that catches Katie when she is feeling her lowest and gets her to talk. And from that a bond starts to grow. 

Then there is Amy, Katie's sister. She is fed up being single, and when she meets Charlie in a supermarket, she thinks her dreams have come true. He is an upcoming actor, working in a minor soap, and catapults her into a world of fine dining, expensive gifts, exclusive parties and generally the world of Celebrity. Charlie appears to be everything she has ever wanted in a man, but you need to read to find out if he really is too good to be true. 

The other main character we see a lot of is Amy's best friend Louisa, who is pregnant with her first baby. It is great to see how the friendship between Louisa and Amy changes and grows, once the baby is born. 

There are plenty of comic moments in this book, as well as quite a bit to think about. I loved reading about the various family and friendship dynamics that are in play, and whether any of the relationships would even last until the end of the book. 

I found Amy very easy, in some respects to relate to, since I am a single lady in her thirties, I know how the pressure feels to be in a relationship, or more the whole time, by people that aren't you. However Amy seems to think that you need to be with a man, in order to travel, or set up a business on her own and that screams to me that she was lacking in self confidence. 

Katie was lovely, but with her we also see her trying to bow to social pressures of being supermum, and I'm guessing that if you are a parent you will completely relate to her and how she is feeling. 

Overall I loved every second of More Than Enough, it kept me hooked throughout, and I almost missed my stop on the train, as a result of reading this on my commute.

Thank you so much to Liza Hoeksma for approaching me to read this book, and for the review copy. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and honest. 

If you didn't see it yesterday, I had Liza Hoeksma telling us about life in books that inspired her to become an author. Check it out here!

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