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Book Review - Pippa's Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson

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Title: Pippa's Cornish Dream
Author: Debbie Johnson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Review copy from Author
Publisher: Harper Impulse
Publication Date: 2nd July 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

Every summer has a story…

Since Pippa Harte was forced to take over her parents’ farm, she’s barely had time to shave her legs let alone make time for a date. Now she’s more likely to be getting down and dirty mucking out the pigs – and avoiding those of the human male variety.

When Ben Retallick walks out of her childhood and back into her present it seems that perhaps Pippa has more time than she thought. All Poldark smoulders and easy-going charm, Ben’s definitely worth whipping her wellies off for!

But Ben is a man with his own past and his own issues – and as much as she’s enjoying having him around, she’s got to get a grip. After all life isn’t always a beach … Then again, this is Cornwall.

Set on the gorgeous Cornish coast at the height of summer, this is the perfect romance to take on your hols!

Pippa suffered a tragedy very young, and has become sole carer for her younger siblings, as well as a farm, and taking in holiday renters for a piece of rural life. She is continually being run ragged and barely has a second to herself, let alone enough time to think about dating. 

That is until Ben Retallick walks back into her life, and there is a connection between Pippa and Ben instantly, But Ben has a recent dark past, and is really in Cornwall for rest and relaxation, and not really wanting anything to happen with any female, for the time being. 

I loved Pippa's family, from Patrick the troublesome almost adult, to the twins that speak their own secret language, to the youngest, who is 4, and was only a baby when their parents died, and then there is the menagerie of animals, who the children in the family have named. 

I loved the first scene where Ben walks back into Pippa's life, and she is currently unblocking a toilet, as is common for her glamorous life! Once she recognises him, he eventually recalls who Pippa is. There is a bit of an age gap between them, and it was an unrequited crush of Pippa's back when she was 8, that led to a duck pond incident (which is very funny when read in full). 

There is a lovely light hearted sense of humour throughout this book, and it is a very enjoyable story. It was very uplifting to see Pippa, who had barely had a boyfriend, come out of her shell in the presence of Ben, and become a full on woman, who although still dealing with her priorities, was finding more and more time to spend with Ben. 

Pippa's Cornish Dream is a wonderful summery book, full of fun and frolics.

Thank you very much Debbie, for the chance to review your new book. This was my honest opinion. 

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