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Book Review - Keep Your Friends Close by Paula Daly - Paperback Summer

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Title: Keep Your Friends Close
Author: Paula Daly
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Corgi
Publication Date: 21st May 2015 
Rating: 5 Stars

Your best friend isn’t who you think she is.

You’ve been friends since university, when you became the people you are today.

You don’t see each other enough but when you do it’s as if you’ve never been apart.

She’s one of the family. You would trust her with your life, your children, your husband.

And when your daughter is rushed to hospital, you’re grateful that she’s stepping in at home, looking after things.

But your best friend isn’t who you think she is. You’re about to find out just how wrong you were.

What can you do when you discover your best friend isn't who you thought she was? What can you do when your best friend not only seduces your husband but also seemingly takes over your life, while making you appear paranoid in the mean time? Hopefully this will never happen to you, but it did happen to Natty. 

While Natty urgently goes to France, to help nurse her younger daughter in hospital, after she falls ill on a school trip, and tells her husband to stay at home to run the business, and look after their other daughter. Eve, Natty's best friend from university just happens to be visiting from the States and plays to all the weaknesses in the marriage when she offers to stay and help Sean. 

By the time Natty and Felicity return from France, Eve has got Sean wrapped around her finger, and both of their lives start to unravel.

There are a lot of twists and turns to this book, and I wasn't expecting any of them. Equally I was unable to put the book down for the entire second half at least, and read Keep Your Friends Close in next to no time at all. I was in so much shock by the end that the book fell from my hands, and my mum who was watching me at that point, asked me what the problem was - to which my only reply was - "I ran out of book, I want more pages"!

You get to see mainly Natty's point of view and you really do have to feel quite sorry for her, and also small amounts of Eve's perspective, as well as a detective's whose story is quite interesting too. All I can say is Eve is not what she seems, and I'm so glad she isn't my best friend. With friends like her, you definitely don't need enemies.

Keep Your Friends is compulsive reading, as you always want to know who will react next and how. 

This was the first book I have read by Paula Daly, but I know it won't be the last. 

My review of Paula's new book The Mistake I Made will be here a bit later today. 

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