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Book Review & Giveaway - The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Greene

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Title: The Seafront Tea Rooms
Author: Vanessa Greene
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: 8th September 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

The Seafront Tea Rooms is a peaceful hideaway, away from the bustle of the seaside, and in this quiet place a group of women find exactly what they've been searching for.

Charismatic journalist Charlotte is on a mission to scope out Britain's best tea rooms. She knows she's found something special in the Seafront Tea Rooms but is it a secret she should share? Kathryn, a single mother whose only sanctuary is the 'Seafront', convinces Charlie to keep the place out of her article by agreeing to join her on her search. Together with another regular, Seraphine, a culture-shocked French au pair with a passion for pastry-making, they travel around the country discovering quaint hideaways and hidden gems. But what none of them expect is for their journey to surprise them with discoveries of a different kind . . .

Full of romance, tea and cake, The Seafront Tea Rooms is a heart-warming tale about the strength found in true friendship.

Charlie, is a food journalist and has decided to write an article about Britains best tea rooms. She has come up to Scarborough to meet her new niece, and to try and rebuild her relationship with her sister. She discovers the town's best kept secret in "The Seafront Tea Rooms", run by Letty. 

The Seafront Team Rooms offers traditional afternoon tea, and all the food their sounds delicious, and there are many varieties of tea on offer. As Charlie is more of a coffee drinker, she takes a tea suggestion from another woman in the tea rooms, Kat. 

Kathryn, is a single mother to Leo, 3, and is in desperate need for a new job. She loves food and tea and agrees to work with Charlie on the article, so long as The Seafront Tea Rooms don't feature in it, as Letty wouldn't want the place to become a tourist destination. 

Seraphine, is a French girl, who has come over to help out single dad Adam, as an au-pair / French teacher, to his daughter Zoe. This is the first time Seraphine has been to England, and she is struggling initially with Zoe who doesn't want her around. Then Seraphine discovers the Seafront Tea Rooms, and starts talking to Charlie and Kat, and so a friendship is formed. 

During the book, the trio (or parts of it) visit many tea rooms around the North East Coast of Britain, and there are many mouth watering descriptions of afternoon teas, some obviously better than others, and you can just imagine the atmospheres in these places, especially those that require a bit of a trek to get to and are real hidden gems. 

Not only do the girls discover a new friendship and tea-rooms, they are all also on journeys of self-discovery, and I feel all grow quite a lot over the few months in which the book is set. 

I loved Charlie, Kat and Seraphine, as well as all the young children in the book. Their stories were all so different, and towards the end there was even quite a shocking revelation (which I felt could have been dealt with, in more depth). 

The Seafront Tea Rooms is a fantastic book, I found it to be a gentle read, the pages just seemed to turn themselves, I was so lost in the story. I loved every second of this book, and am looking forward to Vanessa Greene's next book out later this year. 

Giveaway to win a paperback copy of The Seafront Tea Rooms (UK Only)

If  you like the sound of this book, then this is the giveaway for you. I am giving the readers of Rachel's Random Reads a chance to win their own copy of  The Seafront Tea Rooms  in paperback. 

Giveaway open residents of the UK only, due to postage costs (I will do more international giveaways soon), all options are voluntary, but please do what they ask, as I will be verifying the winner. Giveaway closes 23:59 10/01/2016. Winner will be announced on twitter and emailed, and they will need to reply within 7 days, or forfeit the prize, and I will re-draw for a new winner.  Good luck everyone.

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  1. Great review! Must add this to my reading list (fingers crossed for the competition!)


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