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Book Review - Someone Else's Skin by Sarah Hilary - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #11

Amazon UK
Title: Someone Else's Skin (DI Marnie Rome Book 1)
Author: Sarah Hilary
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Competition Win
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 27th February 2014
Rating: 5 Stars

 Introducing DI Marnie Rome, this powerful novel that will enthral fans of Val McDermid and Mo Hayder.

Called to a woman's refuge to take a routine witness statement, DI Marnie Rome instead walks in on an attempted murder.

Trying to uncover the truth from layers of secrets, Marnie finds herself confronting her own demons. 
Because she, of all people, knows that it can be those closest to us we should fear the most . . .

I've recently heard a lot of very good things about Sarah Hilary and the DI Marnie Rome series, and as a result when I started this book I was slightly apprehensive due to the hype I had been hearing. What if I didn't think the book was any good? However I definite;y need not have worried as it is as amazing as everyone else has said. 

I found Part 1 to be a bit slow at times, as I was trying to work out who was who, but then some information came to light and I could barely put part 2 down at all. It became this incredibly gripping and fascinating thriller, and a race against time, to make sure no one else got hurt. 

I would have perhaps liked to know more about DI Marnie Rome, but I'm sure as the series progresses, that will happen, but the bits of her background, lead me to feel she is quite troubled herself, and she is definitely battling her own demons. 

The outcome of the crime, was not the most expected, and at times, we had short chapters from someone who added a lot to the early tension in the book, and I spent ages trying to guess just who's voice we were hearing from at that point. 

The scene of the initial crime, may be a bit tough for some readers to deal with, and the overall outcome was surprising, after the tension had been ramped all the way up to the top.

I found Someone Else's Skin an addictive book to read, and I am very much looking forward to reading No Other Darkness very soon. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for this book, this week. You made an informed and excellent choice, and I'm so glad that I have no read this, and that it won't end up sitting in my piles for many more months. 

New Rachel Reads Randomly next week, as my work life is far too hectic this week to fit in a book that will need to be reviewed. 

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  1. Ahh, what a wonderful review. I haven't read this one yet, but I read the second book of the Marnie Rome series and really loved it! I've been hoping a great female crime author would come along and I really think we might have found one here.

    Saoirse Sterling at XLeptodactylous


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