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Book Review - A Step in Time by Kerry Barrett

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Title: A Step in Time
Author: Kerry Barrett
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 19th October 2015
Rating: 5 Stars

The time of her life!

Following a (totally justified) ugly, public brawl with her love-rat boyfriend, soap star and paparazzi darling Amy Lavender's TV career is over.

Her agent assures her that winning a glitzy dancing TV competition will put Amy back on top. But Amy has two left feet, and her hot dance partner Patrick seems to think that she's behaving like a superficial spoiled brat (also totally justified).

At rock bottom, Amy is now living in a rented room when she encounters her upstairs neighbour, an elegant older lady with a mysterious, tragic air who knows more than a thing or two about the foxtrot.

But it'll take more than a couple of dance lessons to get Amy back on the leaderboard and ready to cha cha cha her way to glitterball glory!

The second I saw the stunning cover for this book revealed, I knew it would be one I wanted to read. My first thoughts of the title were of the Mary Poppins song "Step In Time" but thankfully I didn't have it running in my head as I read this. 

A Step in Time is definitely a book for fans of Strictly Come Dancing, or other ballroom dance TV shows, and even if you aren't, like me, I was still able to enjoy the story, and wished I knew more about the various ballroom dances, to picture them fully as I read this. 

After a public brawl with the reality TV star seen kissing Amy's almost fiancee, Amy is in public disgrace, and her soap opera drops her, and all the endorsements she had start drying up. Amy's only option according to her agent Babs, is to take part and preferably win a reality TV competition. 

The problem is the only one that Babs can get Amy on is Strictly Stars Dancing, and Amy has two left feet. Added to the fact there may have been a slight incident with her dance partner the night before they are paired up, and Amy is off to a rocky start to repair her career. 

Although Amy's story is light hearted and fun and by itself would have made an enjoyable book, but possibly lacking substance.. we are also treated to Cora's story. Cora is the older lady in the apartment above the one Amy has to move into. Amy has agreed to keep an eye on Cora, but if anything its the other way around, as Cora takes Amy under her wing. 

In turn we learn about Cora, and her war time romance, which is really bittersweet. Cora is an elegant and wonderful character and also used to teach dance, so helps Amy a lot. 

I really enjoyed seeing Amy's interactions with Cora, Patrick her dance partner, Matty the ex-boyfriend, as well as Cora's best friend. She clearly cares a lot about the people around her, and she is determined to put her career back on track, regardless of what others may think is best for her. 

I thought A Step in Time was fabulous, glitzy story, that was a lot of fun to read, and thanks to Cora, had more depth than I was expecting, but very glad that it did. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina for this review copy. This is my honest opinion. 

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