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Book Review - Summer With Love by Sarah Morgan - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #22

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Title: Summer With Love
Author: Sarah Morgan
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Publication Date: 1st June 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

Summer changes everything……

Love has never been easy to navigate for the Westerling triplets. Practical Katy’s on the verge of marrying a man she knows isn’t The One, free-spirited Libby refuses to be tied down and paparazzi-magnet Alex might just be in over his head. But could this summer, with sun-soaked escapes to Seville, Greece and Cornwall help them finally find the map to romance?

When you one set of triplets, with three gorgeous doctors and an extremely talented romance writer, the result is Summer With Love, which is three individual stories, one about each of the Westerling triplets, set a few years apart from each other, so that you can get a sense of continuation between them. 

For each of the stories, it doesn't take too long to realise who will end up with who, but I was so caught up in the sexual chemistry each time, I was thoroughly enjoying the journey, with the inevitable ups and downs. 

In the first one, Katy's first true love comes back into her life, just months before she is due to marry a suitable man, and turns her well ordered plans upside down. They are both working together in the A&E department of a hospital and some of the cases that were brought in really had my adrenalin pumping. The man in question is Jago, a sexy Spaniard from Seville and an amazing doctor too. 

Then there is Andreas who buys a date with the second triplet, Libby, despite Libby swearing she is off men for life. They work in paediatrics and it was enjoyable getting to know a few of the children on the ward, and see just how caring they both are. 

Finally there is Alex, who ends up with a very unexpected house guest, and he refers to himself as the Wolf, and the girl as Red Riding Hood, and it has to be the most erotic interpretation of that story I've ever seen. 

Within minutes of beginning Summer With Love you are transported into Sarah Morgan's familiar and comforting writing style, and into her magnificently romantic and sexy settings. There is a great degree of sexual tension in each of the three stories, and I found I was drooling over all the leading men. 

I really want to say one of them was a favourite but I just can't - Katy is a great introduction to the family,and gives a great insight into all the family dynamics at play too, Libby's story had two people who clearly love children being so loving towards them, while winding each other up, and then Alex is trying his hardest to fight his feelings for his house guest, and as the story progresses you see him in a whole new light. 

Another fantastic book from Sarah Morgan that was a delight to read. 

Thank you to everyone that voted for Summer With Love, which won this week by only 1 vote. It was very close and I honestly didn't know for sure it had won until I started counting. The next vote will be next week, as I have an insane week of work ahead of me this week and just wont be in a fit state to do a book of your choice justice in my review, nor the time either.  Please do come back next week for the next selection in Rachel Reads Randomly!

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  1. Love Sarah's books. Thinking I might have to read this one again as I think this was the second book of Sarah's that I read and that was ages ago! Fab review. Lx


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