Thursday, 23 June 2016

Blog Holiday - Back in Two Weeks!

You might have seen me mention recently, and I do feel I have managed to fit it into most conversations I've had, that I'm going on holiday! Tomorrow I jet off to Barcelona to get onboard the Norwegian Spirit for a 12 night Grand Mediterranean Cruise. 

I will be cruising to Toulon, where I will be doing a wine tour, Livorno - my current plans involve staying on board and making the most of the quiet ship, Civitavecchia - may just potter about the town, Naples, where I am heading over to Capri for the day, Athens, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Kotor and an overnight in Venice. I generally will potter about most of the ports, as I'm not huge on the big sightseeing things, and definitely don't want to spend my holiday wandering around ancient ruins, and museums, no matter what everyone on the cruise forum I keep looking at is suggesting!

As normal I won't be reading any of my massive stack of specific review books, and with my Booklympics reading starting almost as soon as I get back, there is going to be a delay on just about everyone's reviews at the moment, unless I have you scheduled or I've committed to a blog tour. 

Speaking of blog tours, although I'm not blogging while I'm away, I do have posts on 28th and 29th June, so if you happen to spot then please do share them as I just won't be able to. 

Onto far more interesting things...what books am I going to read while I'm away in that case? 

Well I have a kindle that seems to be overflowing with books, which I will be mainly reading but I am taking some paperbacks just because I do need to read some.

So these are my books 7-12 that I will be reading for the #20BooksofSummer challenge that I am taking part in:

I'm really looking forward to reading these, and given I was only planning on taking 4 paperbacks, I appear to have a pile of 6 that is going into my case!

Hopefully I will write up mini reviews of these plus the other books once I am home. I'm not promising a trip write up as I never manage those, but Facebook friends will be able to see my pics! 

Anyway I'm back properly posting on the blog on 8th July, with Truth or Lie and also a review of Weekend Wives by Christina Hopkinson. I hope to see you all in a couple of weeks... 

and since I'll be missing plenty of sport while I'm away C'mon England in the Euro 2016 championship and also c'mon Andy Murray for Wimbledon!

See you all in a fortnight, and all I need to do now is work out what I want to read first! 


  1. Have a wonderful holiday Rachel and enjoy your holiday reading x

  2. Sounds wonderful, have a lovely time x

  3. Have a save trip and nice time everywhere you'll go, and I hope you'll like Dubrovnik! :)

    1. Thanks Irena. I was in Dubrovnik last year but it was far too crowded to get into the old town, so didn't really see much.

      This time the ship gets there in the morning, so have every intention of spending the day wandering around the old town.

      I loved Split last year, so hoping I will enjoy Dubrovnik too.


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