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Guest Post - Around the World with Nigel May - Blog Tour

To celebrate the launch of his latest blockbusting novel, Lovers And Liars, which of course takes us all off to some fabulously glamour-packed locations, we asked Nigel May about some of his favourite sexy destination hot spots from around the globe.

"A lot of the action in Lovers And Liars is set in Barbados and it was a place I knew I had to write about after being there on holiday last year. It was so tropically hot and just dripping in intrigue, excitement and colour. I knew it would be the ideal destination for the murderous goings on at the six-star Velvet Hotel featured in the novel. We stayed at a place called Brighton Beach which was amazing as turtles nested outside our front door and we could see where the baby ones had been born, which was a truly magical experience. That was why I created Heather, the animal-loving carefree sister in Lovers And Liars as I wanted to reflect the beauty of the nature in Barbados. But I had to include some very rich and decadent places too like The Cliff restaurant which is where Nikki has her showdown with Julian in the book. The food there was incredible and eating there was one of the best nights of my life. I am sure there were secret liaisons going on at every table! Celebrities go there all the time. 

Another of my favourite destinations is Agra in India, which was featured a lot in Scandalous Lies, my novel from Summer 2015. It's where the Taj Mahal is situated and a place that just simply takes your breath away with its beauty. The monument itself is smothered in tales of love and heart-wrenching tragedy and just touched me in a way that no other place I've ever visited has. I loved the romance and the heartache of it all - two very important ingredients in all of my novels. I had to send Nova, Jacob, Charlie, Georgia and Victoria there in Scandalous Lies to sample its delights. 

Muscat was another place I adored, in the exotic country of Oman. I stayed at this incredible hotel called The Chedi which had an infinity pool which looked out across the sun-soaked horizon and was surrounded by swanky couples topping up their tans. I used it as a location in my first novel, Trinity, as it seemed to have an air of intense sexiness about it. Lots of couples staring deeply into each others' eyes as they sipped on their cocktails. It was the perfect girly getaway for Evie and Nush to talk about their woes with men.

One of the other places that features heavily in my new book Lovers And Liars is Crete. I read about this celebrity-favoured sleepy fishing village called Elounda and how Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio both loved it there so I thought that I had to see it for myself. It was fabulous and the perfect romantic destination for Heather and her husband, Max. They also went to Knossos, the ancient city nearby steeped in mythology and tales of the famous minotaur. It was another place I had to experience and write about. I love a dramatic historical legend. They are always so over the top. Just like my characters.

 My next book is set in lots of equally sexy, luxurious places too. My passport is always to hand. I hope you enjoy! 

 Love Nigel xx" 

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Just reading this has taken me back to each of your previous novels. I do love a book with an exotic destination, and yours are some of the best, with the luxurious feel to the places too. Thank you so much Nigel for taking the time to join me on Rachel's Random Reads.

About Nigel May

Nigel May is a TV presenter and journalist. As a writer he has written for many of the UK’s most successful magazines and newspapers, specialising in showbiz and celebrity, as well as writing on subjects ranging from relationships through to travel. His first novels Trinity, Addicted, Scandalous Lies and Deadly Obsession were instant bestsellers.


My review is also on the blog today, and please do follow along with the rest of the blog tour too. 

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