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Book Review - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Joanne Bolouri - Blog Tour

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Title: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Author: Joanne Bolouri
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Publisher supplied review copy
Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date: 20th October 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Thirty-eight year old Emily has a satisfying job, fab friends, an amazing car and, most importantly, a wonderful flat, exactly 411 miles away from the judgemental, batshit crazy, interfering family she reluctantly sees twice a year. In fact, the only minor stress in her life is her twenty-something neighbour Evan and his penchant for flirting, loud music and even louder sex . . . but he's nothing she can't handle.

Emily also has a boyfriend called Robert and it's going really well. So well, in fact, that this year Emily is hoping to take him home for Christmas to meet her family. Finally she won't be subject to five days of nosy questions from her parents and pity looks from her younger married siblings.

But when Robert breaks up with her a week before Christmas, Emily is gutted. How on earth is she going to face her family now? Enlisting the help of party boy Evan (in exchange for one month's rent and the use of her convertible) Emily is determined to take Robert home for Christmas come hell or high water, even if it isn't the real Robert . . .

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a highly enjoyable story, predominately of one family's Christmas, a whole big 4 day fun extravaganza. Within that Emily has bigged up her current boyfriend Robert to the family, so they are expecting him to come with Emily for Christmas. 

However a few days later they break up, and Emily drunkenly persuaded Evan from next door, her much younger, obnoxious neighbour to pose as Robert for Christmas up in Scotland. This is hilarious as Emily really doesn't like Evan that much, and they even have to practice hugging just so it may look natural. 

Emily's family is great and borrows elements from perhaps even your own family. Her mother seems to manage to pick fault in most things, while making them sound like compliments. Her father is up for a drink and a dance. Her sister Iona, seems slightly uptight and doesn't have her husband with her this Christmas. Her brother Patrick loves video games, and his wife although quiet becomes a different person with a few drinks in her. 

Over the course of four days, there is a lot of family time, drinking games, karaoke, long walks, a big party and all manner of self discoveries - it is just a lot of fun and really entertaining to read. However I will admit that for me it took at least until the break up of Emily and Robert's relationship for the book to get going, so the first perhaps 100 pages felt a bit slow for my liking, but after that I loved every second, once the story really started to ramp up. 

Evan is a great guy, and one that I would happily date if he was real, and even in that first bit of the book he was a standout to me, and between his and Emily's quick wit, you get some really snappy one liners, and snap decisions with great affect. 

With a great sense of humour throughout the book, and a really strong family festive feel to the story, it really is a book that will get you smiling this Christmas. 

Thank you so much to Quercus for this copy of the book. This was my honest opinion. 

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