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Guest Post - When the voyage of a lifetime comes with excess baggage… by Shari Low - Blog Tour

I had no desire whatsoever to go on a cruise. I was under the misapprehension that you had to be an elderly bingo expert with a natty collection of sequined jumpers and formal frocks before they let you on board.  

However, one night at a party a friend told me how she’d had a great time on the high seas, so later, after a few glasses of wine (damn you Prosecco), I booked a jaunt on the ocean waves.
I was sure it was going to be a disaster, right up until the moment I boarded the ship in Barcelona. Oh the glamour, the shows, the food, the spa, the peaceful bliss and no, I never played bingo.

I was, however, a cruise convert. 

Since then, many of our family holidays have started and ended on a gangplank and we’ve loved every minute of them. We’ve paddle-boarded in the Bahamas. Jet skied in Florida. Sailed past the Statue Of Liberty. Closer to home, we toured Rome. Got lost in Naples. Lunched in Capri. And trying to look posh in nice shoes in a rain soaked Monte Carlo led to me skidding down a hill and face-planking in a flower bed.   

Every night, we returned to our floating holiday home, wined, dined, slept and woke up in a new destination. 

Cruises have drama, romance, excitement and solitude, so as soon as I came up with the concept of The Other Wives Club, I could see the action unfolding in many of the places I’d visited. 

The story opens with Drew Gold, a workaholic newspaper editor inviting his whole extended family, past and present, to join him on a luxury liner to celebrate his 50th birthday. His current wife Tess, 23, is apprehensive about being thrown together with Drew’s first wife, the mother of his adult children, Sarah, 49, and his second wife, bitchy fashion journalist, Mona, 38.

Meanwhile the other two women have agendas of their own. 

Sarah hasn’t shaved her legs since Drew left her for Mona, but she’s made a vow to start living again. And Mona may now be married to wealthy businessman Piers, but it looks like trouble could be just over the horizon. 

The anchor has barely left the seabed when the tensions, secrets and manipulations float to the surface, and Tess quickly realises that the perils of wearing hazardous shoes in Monaco will be the least of her problems….

Thank you so much Shari for sharing your cruise experience with us. I am a complete cruise addict and on my most recent one this summer I read The Other Wives Club and devoured it, so can quite happily recommend it!

Author bio:

Shari Low writes a weekly opinion column and a Book Club page for the Daily Record. The latter is her dream job because it means she gets to lie on the sofa with the latest Harlan Coben novel and call it work. Over the years, Shari has decamped to Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York, London and LA, but now lives in Glasgow. Thankfully, she has been married to a very laid-back guy for twenty three years and has two athletic sons, aged 14 and 15, who think she's fairly embarrassing, except when they need a lift somewhere. For this reason, she regularly writes while sitting in sports centre car parks drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup.

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Three women thrown together on a surprise Mediterranean cruise to celebrate a milestone birthday of the man they all once loved. What could possibly go wrong?

Tess Gold - the current wife. 
When Tess married Drew Gold, she knew his two ex-wives were still in his life. 

Now Drew has planned a luxury cruise to celebrate his birthday ... and the former Mrs. Golds are all coming too.

Mona Gold - the second wife. 
When it comes to style, fashion editor, Mona, never puts a Louboutin wrong. 

Now it’s time to reclaim the only man she ever really loved ... if she can tempt Drew away from his new wife for a second time.

Sarah Gold - the first wife, the original. 
When Drew left her for Mona, Sarah’s emotions went into hibernation. 

Now she’s decided to shave those legs and start living again...

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  1. Can't wait to read this book, sounds intriguing. And the image of you face-planting in Monaco is one that will make me laugh all day!


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