Sunday, 27 November 2016

We're all going on a Winter Sun Holiday! - Back in a fortnight

Well not sure about all of you, but I am definitely heading off on holiday in the morning, for two weeks sun and relaxation in Mexico.

Anyone who has had a conversation with me in past few weeks may have realised just how excited I am to be getting away from it all, and getting some much needed sun on me.

For those that know Mexico, I'm flying into Cancun and will be staying a 5 Star All Inclusive hotel in Playa del Carmen called the Grand Riviera Princess, which is part of the Princess group. If you think you can avoid feeling jealous than have a google of the hotel, as it looks absolutely stunning, and I'll try my hardest to take as many photos as I can!

My plans for the next two weeks involve sunbathing, sleeping in the sun, reading, swimming in some of the 8 pools in the hotel, enjoying my all inclusive package to the fullest, enjoying the evening entertainment, and hopefully hitting up the sun too.

I am not really intending to see much or any of Mexico itself, so sorry if you are hoping I'll come back with great adventures, I just want to chill for two weeks!

But of course before I can on holiday, I yesterday had to make some tricky decisions. It turns out I may have few more paperbacks than I thought I did -

So I had to turn those stacks of books (and I didn't even take a photo of my review paperbacks!) into a more manageable amount to take on holiday with me. After of course asking twitter, which given I didn't have a random vote this week, I thought I'd still ask for a bit of input given my inability to make simple decisions, I finally came up with this stack of paperbacks to go with me. 

In the end I have gone with a selection of books all by authors I have read a lot of before (apart from The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger - which should have been in my Booklympics books but I randomly chose not to read it after buying it specially!). 

Whether I have picked the right books I have no idea but I also have a kindle with me, and I purposely opted out of taking anything that looked emotional (don't want to end up in tear around a pool, that could be awkward), heavy (I have a weight allowance for the flights!) and decided not to risk my thrillers for this, as I have plenty in e-book if I need to scare myself! 

While I am away there are two posts going live including one with a giveaway and preview for my Cute Christmas event starting the weekend that I'm back, so please do check it out. 

I'll be back on social media jet lagged on the 13th December so will see you all then in the run up to Christmas!

And out of pure curiosity, would you have picked the same books, anything different? Very interested as other books could get bumped up my piles to be read eventually if I know what's good!


  1. Have a great time in Mexico and I hope you'll enjoy your books! You picked up good looking one! ;)

    1. Thank you Irena, definitely looks like a colourful selection of covers that I've picked if nothing else!

  2. Because I know you so well I'm now trying to fathom how you have worked out the book ratio to days lol .. have fun!

  3. Have a fabulous holiday, Rachel - it sounds amazing! And thank you for choosing one of my books to take with you! X

  4. Safe travels and have the bestest time love xxx


  5. Hands up, I'm jealous! :) Have a fantastic holiday, Rachel. You work hard, you deserve it. xx

  6. Have a fabulous holiday, Rachel! You so deserve to be pampered :) I love your stack. Enjoy :)

  7. Mexico is a wonderful country, so I do hope you manage to see something beyond Cancun! Have fun. xx


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