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Book Review - Baxter's Christmas Wish by Sharon Booth - #CuteChristmas

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Title: Baxter's Christmas Wish
Author: Sharon Booth
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Fabrian Books
Publication Date: 7th October 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

When Ellie Jackson's marriage unexpectedly ends, she and her young son, Jake, seek refuge with Ellie's cousin, Maddie. But Maddie soon tires of her house guests, including her own boisterous rescue Boxer dog, Baxter. 

A trip to the park proves eventful, when Baxter literally bumps into Dylan. Kind, funny, and not-too-shabby in the looks department, Dylan soon wins Ellie and Jake over, and Ellie dares to dream of a happy ending at last. 

But as the snow starts to fall and Christmas approaches, Ellie realises time is running out for them. Dylan clearly has a secret that may ruin their happiness, Baxter's home is in jeopardy, and she has no way of making Jake's wishes come true. 

Must Ellie give up on her dreams, or can Baxter lead her back to happiness? 

Light the fire, switch on those Christmas tree lights, curl up with a hot chocolate, and enjoy this heart-warming festive story of love, home, and second chances.

Baxter is a loveable Boxer dog. Sure he can be a little naughty but that is when he gets bored, and you really need to feel sorry him, as his last owner gave him away free to a new home. Now that new home just happened to be Maddie. 

Maddie loves a sob story, she had already taken in her cousin Ellie, and her son Jake, when Ellie's marriage falls apart. However she is already starting to find they may be overstaying their welcome, but she still can't resist Baxter's story and takes him in too. 

This is despite her not really knowing anything about dogs, and having a boyfriend who is fed of of Ellie and Jake and doesn't like dogs either. 

Ellie and Jake really take to Baxter luckily and start taking him to the park on walks to try and burn off his energy. Its during one of these walks he bowls over Dylan, and so enters the romantic interest for the book. 

Dylan loves dogs too, but he is clearly hiding things, and I must say at least one of the various things he was hiding, I did guess. However the others although surprising in some respects, I could completely understand too. 

I found Baxter's Christmas Wish to be a very sweet story, with Baxter as the absolute start of the book, and any scene he wasn't in I was still hoping he was ok, as in his young life he really wasn't having much luck with owners and all he, and any dog ever wants is his forever home. 

This is quite a quick story to read, and I read it in a couple of short hours, while loving every moment of it. Some of the scraps that Baxter gets himself into are incredibly funny, and I loved the way he was around not only Jake, but Dylan's dog Tyson, a small yorkshire terrier. I was kept engaged in what was going on at all times, and also quite liked the chapter titles that gave a hint as to what may be about to happen in the immediate future. 

Pleasurable story with the dogs pretty much leading the relationships and romance, while the human stories are also good too! 

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