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Book Review - Heart Surgeon in Portugal by Anna Ramsay - Bookish World Cup - Portugal

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Title:  Heart Surgeon in Portugal
Author: Anna Ramsay
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Parma Medical Romances
Publication Date: 3rd December 2013
Rating: 5 Stars

He's too old for her - sophisticated, worldly, a formidably gifted heart surgeon. She's sweet and straightforward, and not at all his kind of woman. The hospital grapevine says the devastatingly attractive Rafe Harland is a heartbreaker. Ellie Robey has no intention of getting her heart broken. And anyway, what's the likelihood of such a powerful man giving a plump young nurse a second look?

But put the two of them alone together in a holiday villa in the sunshine - and anything could happen. 

Getting over glandular fever, Ellie's been prescribed sunshine and plenty of it. Her surgeon brother fixes her up with an easy working holiday in Portugal. All she has to do is some light cooking for Rafe Harland at the villa where Rafe will be staying while on a research sabbatical from his London hospital. He's also teaching advanced surgical techniques to cardiac surgeons at a nearby Cardiac Centre staffed by hospital-trained nuns. 

It's the perfect chance for Ellie to get fit again, ready to start her specialist course in Critical Care in September. 

Sunshine, swimming and salads work their magic and soon Ellie's caught not only Rafe's eye but the attentions of a hot young Anglo-Italian called Ricardo Schiapa. Ricardo's been to the best charm school in the world and graduated top of the class. He knows he's irresistible. And his actress mother sees in Ellie the perfect daughter-in-law.

But the nuns at the Cardiac Centre have other plans ...

I do love a good medical romance and I love a good beach read too and in this you have the best of both worlds which I thoroughly enjoyed reading on a hot day in May. 

The entire time you are aware of a connection between Ellie and Rafe, some sort of desire but both of them are completely determined to ignore it to the extent as a reader you start to wonder if you will get the HEA that is pretty much expected before you even pick up the book. 

I really loved both of these characters in addition to the insights of the local market place in Portugal, and the amazing casa where they are staying.  There are some great descriptions of Portuguese food, and you certainly get a sense of the warmth of the country. 

In addition we see Rafe and Ellie in a professional sense and get to know just how much they can care for others which in Rafe is a rather sexy quality. 

This is a lovely way to spend a few hours, and has reminded me that I really should read more medical romances when I get a chance. 

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