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Book Review - Saffron Summer by Jewel Allan - Booksh World Cup - Morocco

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Title: Saffron Summer
Author: Jewel Allan
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 27th August 2017 
Rating: 4 Stars

While on vacation in Morocco, American culinary student Mimi falls in love with the tastes and sights of Marrakech...and gorgeous local cop Hassan. But when she meets his family and realizes their budding relationship will likely not work long-term, she must decide whether to play it safe or give love a chance on the sand dunes of the Sahara.

A sweet contemporary romance novella by award-winning writer Jewel Allen. "Saffron Summer" is a standalone book in the "Love around the world" series and can be read in any order.

This is a lovely sweet romance between a young American girl and a Moroccan police officer, while she was on a short holiday in Morocco. 

Given I have spent some time in Tunisia so have an idea of the intensity of the men, forgive me for rolling my eyes somewhat cynically when incredibly soon after they spend time together, Hassan declares his love.  And forgive the cynic in me for just wondering if the guy was after a green card! 

That being said and the reason I picked this book to read was to get a taste of Marrakech and of Morocco.  And for that this book definitely met my expectations giving a great idea of the colour, sounds, tastes and sights of the country. 

Based on my own experiences in that part of the world the descriptions of the markets with all the pushy vendors is spot on, but also made me smile while remembering my own holidays.  I did find it weird that in the few days Mimi was there that there was no haggling at all. 

Equally there is even a camel ride into the desert which was fun too, and to see it all through the eyes of an wide eyes Mimi is quite fun. 

This is a lovely and exotic way to spend and hour or so,  in this quick to read romance that is just that taste of the exotic. 

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