Thursday, 23 August 2018

Book Review - One Thousand Stars and You by Isabelle Broom

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Title: One Thousand Stars and You
Author: Isabelle Broom
Format reviewed:Ebook 
Source: Netgalley
Publisher:  Penguin
Publication Date: 23rd August 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

One spark will light up both their lives

Alice is settling down. It might not be the adventurous life she once imagined, but more than anything she wants to make everyone happy - her steady boyfriend, her over-protective mother - even if it means a little part of her will always feel stifled.

Max is shaking things up. After a devastating injury, he is determined to prove himself. To find the man beyond the disability, to escape his smothering family and go on an adventure.

A trip to Sri Lanka is Alice's last hurrah - her chance to throw herself into the heat, chaos and colour of a place thousands of miles from home.

It's also the moment she meets Max.

Alice doesn't know it yet, but her whole life is about to change.

Max doesn't know it yet, but he's the one who's going to change it.

Words are failing me, this was amazing, it was beautifully written, and it is without a doubt Isabelle Broom's best book. 

From the first pages I found myself enchanted by the story being told and just wanted to read it in one sitting but alas real life intervened.   

Alice and Max are both on holiday in Sri Lanka when their paths cross. There is an instant connection between them but Alice is in a long term relationship, and Max isn't looking for women.  In fact they are both trying to discover more about themselves after events in the past have re-defined their characters. 

It is a story of self discovery in one respect but also if like me you are a fan of travel, it is a glorious trip through Sri Lanka taking in many different aspects of the country. It is clear the author must have enjoyed her research for the country and everything is described so vividly. 

There is wildlife to be admired, sites to be explored, friendly owners of homestays to meet, there are the tuktuk journeys and other trips on public transport. There is the incredible descriptions of a sunrise from a stunning location and a whole lot more besides.   For a country I've never really thought about there is more than enough detail to really feel as though you were there - especially when as I did reading this during a heatwave - I could even feel the heat and humidity. 

I loved all the different characters in this, with the focus shifting occasionally from Alice to Max and getting to know him more intimately was great.   I don't want to say too much about either of them but will say they are well rounded, full of depth and both are incredibly easy to love.  

This is an absolutely stunning book that I can't do justice to, so will stop here and leave you with this. If you want a fabulous story to read, and possibly one of the best books of the year, then give this a try, and if you have read the author before stop thinking, and just purchase it and start reading. You will love this! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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