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Book Review - Sunset over the Cherry Orchard by Jo Thomas - Blog Tour

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Title: Sunset over the Cherry Orchard
Author: Jo Thomas
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 9th August 2018
Rating: 5 Stars

It's time for Beti Winter to dance to her own beat.

After three failed engagements Beti is in desperate need of a fresh start. What better place than the sun-drenched hills of southern Spain?

But it's not all sangria and siestas. Beti finds work on an old Andalusian cherry farm where there are cherries to be picked, trees to be watered and her fiery boss, Antonio, to win over.

As the sun toasts her skin, Beti finds herself warming to the Spanish way of life. Embracing the art of flamenco, she discovers there is much to learn from the dance of passion. She just has to let loose and listen to the rhythm of her heart.

Jo Thomas takes you there.

Wow just wow, its a shame I have to come back to England, after being so thoroughly transported to southern Spain in this wonderful story of Beti learning to listen to her hearts desires in all wakes of her life, and learn just who she is as a person. 

I'm at a loss to describe this book, I can either wax lyrical about everything, or I can just tell you to read it if you are looking for a great summery read, that will literally make you forget about real life while you are finishing it,. 

There are so many ups and down, humour, emotion, fiery flamenco dancing, a storyline that reminds me of Footloose, unexpected relationships and new love, spanish food, spanish bars, a big dream, a message about social media, assorted storylines about family and a whole lot more besides. 

I wouldn't want to tell you any specifics as the writing is so encompassing, and such a joy to read, that the only thing that can be said, is read this book, as  I'm sure you will love it as much I as did.   It is warm hearted, perfect escapism, either for summer holiday reading, or when you are wishing you were abroad in sunnier climes. 

Beti is a character that I really did enjoy, especially seeing her own personal growth as the story proceeds, and seeing how her hopes and dreams change so gradually I think the reader is 3 steps ahead of her.  

I have never read about a Cherry Farm before and this one sounds gorgeous, and the descriptions the cherries, made me almost be able to taste them for myself.  The owner of the farm is tricky to get to grips with to start with but as the story unravels he was becoming my favourite character by a mile, matched closely by his 17 year old son. 

Jo Thomas writes so warmly and its clear she is passionate and knowledgeable about the various aspects of Spanish  life and how some villages are are more for locals and wanting traditional ways of life instead of the tourist trade. 

This is my new favourite Jo Thomas book and I have adored all her others previously too, and I think Beti's story may stay with me for a while.  It was my sheer pleasure to have been able to read this. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Headline for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

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