Friday, 11 January 2019

Book Review - Mine by J. L. Butler

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Title:  Mine
Author: J. L. Butler
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 15th May 2018
Rating: 3 Stars

Francine Day is a high-flying lawyer about to apply for silk, ambitious and brilliant. She just needs one headline grabbing client to seal her place as Queen's Counsel … Martin Joy. The attraction is instant. Obsessive.

They embark on a secret affair and Francine thinks she can hold it together. But then Martin's wife, Donna, goes missing. And Martin is the prime suspect.

As the case unravels so does Francine, because the last person to see Donna Joy alive, was her.My client. My lover. My husband. My obsession.

Set in the Inns of Court in London, where justice and corruption have played out for centuries, J L Butler’s taut, gripping legal drama brims with suspense and obsession, and only you can solve the case…

Slow burn thriller that did grow on me after a while. 

I can appreciate that the book has had a lot of thought put into it, and the plot was cleverly thought out, its just I prefer my stories with a bit more oomph and I found that as the story progressed the less I liked Francine the main character. 

I did feel for her at times, but a lot of the situation she was in, was as a direct result of her actions, and I'm just not sure how much I could agree with them. 

What was very clear was how obsessed she was with Martin Joy, and I really did feel the intensity of her feelings, and the initial sex scenes were hot! 

At times I wondered whether I should continue reading, as it was just lacking even a spark that made me want to read it compulsively, which is the least I would expect from a thriller. 

Ultimately I'm disappointed as I absolutely love the books that this author normally writes, and was only drawn to this because of knowing the other name.  There was a story in there, but it may just be because of the personality traits that Fran exhibited that just made me disconnect from her. 

I kept reading out of pure curiosity as to whether I had guessed the outcome correctly and some if it had crossed my mind, even if the motives had eluded me.  For a first attempt at a full on thriller isn't not bad but I know that Tasmina Perry  can write far better books, under her normal name, instead of this new pen-name. 

Thank you to Harper Collins for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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