Sunday, 4 August 2019

I'm going to Madeira... and a look at my review TBR!

Four months after booking, I'm finally heading off to Funchal in Madeira for a two week holiday.  Having been working ridiculous hours for the last week or two especially I'm in desperate need of this break.

Doesn't this hotel just look gorgeous?   If you are also on holiday in Funchal over the next two weeks, please let me know, would be lovely to meet you! 

For those of you who love seeing my holiday photos on Facebook and Twitter (when I remember), I'm sure I will be posting some, but realistically my only aims for this holiday are to sleep (in the shade), read, and generally relax and do not much, while being outside all day!  

My Review TBR is toppling higher than its ever been, but based on my last few holidays I should be able to make a dent in it... well except for all the books I may spot on Netgalley and request while I'm away. 

Believe it or not for the first holiday ever I'm not taking any paperbacks... but in case of a technology fail, I will have my old kindle with me too - well I'm not taking any chances when it comes to books! 

Given there are so many books on it, and no matter how long you look at it, there will always be books you know you want to read that you just can't see..  I'm about to share with you all the non Christmas books currently on my review stack. 

Obviously I won't be reading them all while I'm away but if there are any that I really should try to read then I would love your feedback.   So often two weeks of free choice renders me incapable of deciding anything, so having your thoughts may give me good ideas!! 

I have one review coming up on Friday 9th August on the Accidental Lies by Dana Mason blog tour - but other than that my regular reviews will be back on 20th August.  See you then!! 

And here hopefully in a form that makes it easier to read than other times I've shared my TBR... and in a more fun way for me to create (hopefully I'll remind myself what I have too)... here is what is on my Netgalley shelf and what I will be picking from while I'm away. 
These are all authors that are new to me -
are there any that I 100% need to jump up the queue?

Here are all the crime / thriller / darker reads. 
I tend to read these as palate cleansers, any recommendations?

And last but by no means least all the authors that I absolutely love reading and feel incredibly guilty that I haven't read these books yet. 
What are your picks of these?

Whatever you are reading over the summer, I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. Oh I love Madeira. I hope you have a brilliant time

  2. Here's my recommendations:

    Something To Live For by Richard Roper - I read it when I was in Corfu and reviewed it for the Express.

    Bring me Sunshine by Laura Kemp - I loved it, made me want to go to Wales!

    Half A World Away by Mike Gayle - his best yet!

    If you Were Here by Alice Peterson - heartbreaking, but excellent

    The Girl at the Window by Rowan Coleman - beautifully written, ghostly and unique

    Have a wonderful time, I'll miss you x


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