Monday, 21 September 2015

Book Review - Letters From My Sister by Alice Peterson - Rachel Reads Randomly Book #1

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Title: Letters From My Sister
Author: Alice Peterson
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date: 19th November 2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Bells is always writing to her sister Katie, but Katie never replies. Preoccupied with her glamorous career in fashion, her busy life and her boyfriend Sam, she just doesn't have the time.

Then Bells announces that she's coming to stay. She's not a secret exactly, but. . . Sam doesn't know she exists.

For Bells doesn't fit into Katie's perfect world.

But when Bells does arrive, everything changes for Katie. Perhaps her perfect life isn't so perfect after all?

Letters From My Sister, originally published as Look the World in the Eye, is a wonderfully funny and moving novel from the bestselling author Alice Peterson.

Letters From My Sister is an enjoyable book of family dynamics, and soul searching, especially for Katie. Katie generally denies that her sister even exists, so when she is forced to have Bells, spend a fortnight with her, in Sam's (her boyfriend) apartment, Katie panics. 

Katie had never mentioned her sister to Sam, and even once she knows Bells is going to visit, she has trouble expressing exactly why she is worried. For you see Bells is a wonderful person, but she was born with a cleft palate and a small amount of brain damage. 

Katie isn't exactly ashamed of her sister, but it soon becomes apparent how little she knows of her younger sisters life. However it is clear though that during Bell's visit, that Katie needs to do some growing up of her own, and their relationship changes. 

Bells is the best character in this book, she brightens up any scene she is in, and is far more complex than she may appear on the surface. Her personality shines through even when the family has problems. 

Katie has always had a fractured relationship with her family, until the incident that changes the family dynamic, and how they see each other. We have occasional flashback chapters to Katie's childhood, and they do make us more sympathetic to what it must have been like for her growing up.

I loved this book, and found it touched on a subject that doesn't come up that often in the books I read, and it was fascinating to read. As always Alice Peterson writes an emotive and interesting story that was gentle to read, and one that kept me thinking about it even, when I had to put it down (due to life getting in the way of reading). 

Thank you to everyone that voted in last week's debut of Rachel Reads Randomly, and for picking this book for me to read. It was definitely a good choice, since I really enjoyed it. If you want to influence one of my books for next week, then please do check out this week's vote. 


  1. Oh, this sounds a fascinating read. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Fab review, Alice. Well done! :) xx

    1. Thanks Sheryl. It is a lovely read. Really enjoyed this one, and I still have Alice's new book to read!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, it's a lovely book.


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