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Book Review - The Little Kiosk by the Sea by Jennifer Bohnet

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Title: The Little Kiosk by the Sea
Author: Jennifer Bohnet
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 18th August 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

One summer they’ll never forget…

Meet Sabine, desperately fighting to save her little kiosk from closure whilst turning down her friend Owen’s proposals, time and time again.

Cue Harriet, returning to Dartmouth after thirty years, haunted by the scandal that drove her away and shocked by a legacy that threatens her relationship with her journalist daughter.

Enter Rachel, the mysterious newcomer who has an unexpected chemistry with a local widower, and who sets in motion a chain of events she could never have predicted…

One thing’s for sure, as the autumn tide turns, there’ll be more than one secret laid bare!

I am very sorry to say that Jennifer Bohnet has been on my pile of authors books that I have building up on my kindle, that I haven't read until this one. I can't believe I haven't read Jennifer's previous books as this one was a lovely read that I really enjoyed. I will definitely be delving into the depths of my kindle to read more by Jennifer soon. 

There is a great cast of characters which although as I was being introduced to them, I was getting a bit confused, it didn't take long to work out who is who, and who may have links to each other. Each chapter focuses on 1 character, in the 3rd person, with the character name at the top, so you always know who you are reading about. 

There is Sabine who runs the little kiosk by the sea, which is possibly under threat from the council, she is proposed to regularly by an old friend, but never takes him seriously. Johnnie is Sabine's brother, and regularly goes between France and England, delivering boats. During one visit on France, he gets a big surprise which changes his life. 

There is also Harriet, who hasn't been to Dartmouth for years, but is left an unexpected legacy in a will, which if she accepts means she will have to reveal parts of her past, to her daughter Ellie, that she would have rather kept hidden. 

Rachel has moved to Dartmouth, but is clearly hiding something, and there is also B.B. who is an American, over for the summer to try and find some long lost English relatives. 

There are loads of family secrets that are set to be unravelled during this story, and there are some connections between most of the characters, some old and some new. This book is set over just one summer, and it just goes to show that as the tide ebbs and flows, so do people's feelings, and big life choices are made. 

I really liked all the characters, Sabine and Harriet really stood out as central to the story, and two lovely ladies with a lot of heart. 

Until I read this book I had never given a kiosk or who works in one, a second thought. I was aware they appear over the British seaside summerscape scenery, but the specifics had never crossed my mind. Was definitely a different perspective and role for Sabine, which gave an interesting view as to what its like to work in a kiosk. 

I really enjoyed this book, and thought it was a great story. Lots of secrets to be revealed, as well as a few instances of love starting to bloom. 

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina for this review copy. This was my honest review. 

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