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Guest Post - Finding the Idea for Picture Mr. Perfect by Laura Briggs

What if you became a celebrity overnight? If suddenly, your face was the one everyone recognized on the street, and people rushed to get your autograph—or perhaps your phone number instead?

That was the question my co-author Sarah Burgess and I used as a springboard for our romantic comedy novel, Picture Mr. Perfect. Specifically the idea of someone whose claim to fame is appearing on the cover of a popular romance novel. Everyone is familiar with Fabio, of course, but what about the many other  people who make their living posing as fictional heroes? Are they famous? Aspiring models? Or just ordinary people trying to make some extra income?

From there, it was easy to picture the premise of our novel: ordinary guy turns overnight celebrity when a temporary modelling gig lands him on the cover of a best-selling romance book. The character of Jason is more or less the boy-next-door type—cute, kind, and less-than-confident when it comes to members of the opposite sex. He doesn't think of himself as model material, much less the next famous face in romance. But that’s exactly what happens when fans began to associate him with the sexy and brooding ‘Lord Damon’ from the popular novel.

At first glance, this seems a dream come true. Women notice Jason everywhere he goes, flirting with him as though he were really the hero from their new favourite book. More publishers and authors clamour for Jason to appear on their up-coming book covers in roles that range from a swashbuckling pirate to the infamous Mr. Darcy.

But none of this is very helpful to Jason as he struggles to finish his master’s degree in psychology. Or to catch the attention of Emily, a waitress and fellow grad student at Jason’s university. Emily doesn't think much of the handsome Lord Damon—or his real life counterpart. Can Jason show her there’s more to him then some fake literary persona? Or will he find himself swept further into a world of photography shoots and fame?

Picture Mr. Perfect is a clean romance, with lots of laughter and heart. It was fun to explore the idea of an 'ordinary' person becoming suddenly famous, and how they might handle all the pressure and responsibility that comes with it. Thanks so much to Rachel for letting us share about the book with all her lovely readers. We hope some of you will check it out!

Thank you Laura for coming onto Rachel's Random Reads. It is very much appreciated. The book sounds like it has a great premise.

Picture Mr. Perfect

Jason Barry’s no hero, although he does hope to change the world one day by helping people once he finally earns his master’s degree in psychology. When his scholarship is unexpectedly revoked, however, Jason takes on a temporary modeling gig for money to help pay the bills, never dreaming it’ll land him on the cover of a best-selling romance novel – and transform him from the boy-next-door to a hot literary hunk almost overnight. 

Suddenly, women recognize Jason as the face of sexy ‘Lord Damon’ everywhere he goes, making him the envy and admiration of his male friends. But as covers featuring him as everything from a swashbuckling hero to Mr. Darcy himself causes his celebrity status to explode, Jason struggles to balance his academic pursuits, as well as his deepening attraction for Emily, a waitress and part-time student at his university. 

Emily is definitely unimpressed by Jason’s literary alter-ego. But can the real Jason convince her there’s more to him than meets the eye? Or will bigger issues prevent their happy-ever-after, when certain truths between them challenge the definition of a real hero? 

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Author Bio:

Laura Briggs’s first published work was Only in Novels, a short romance story from Pelican Book Group that garnered a CAPA award nomination. She has since published several other titles with the same company, all featuring an Inspirational Romance theme. Among her independently published works are a series of wedding-themed romances and Jane Austen-inspired fiction. Laura is also the co-author of a series of Grimm-esque fantasy-themed fairytale retellings known as The Dark Woods.

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  1. I enjoyed this book (reviewed it last week) - it was very entertaining and a sweet love story. I was thinking about if a real person had been on the front of the original Fifty Shades - can you imagine how recognisable they would become?!

    1. You’re right, Joanne—someone on the cover for a book that famous would probably have more autographs than they could sign! I bet that kind of fame can get pretty annoying (not that I’ll ever have to find out, lol). Thanks again for your review on Picture Mr. Perfect!

  2. Hi Rachel--

    Thanks so much for hosting me on your awesome blog! I love sharing the concept behind book ideas (and as a reader, love hearing about them from other authors!)


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