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Book Review - Lovestruck by Julia Llewellyn

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Title:  Lovestruck
Author: Julia Llewellyn
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 14th August 2014
Rating: 4 Stars

Do you trust the ones you love?

Jake and Rosie fell in love fast. Before they knew it they were married with kids, and happily living in a cramped flat in London. All the while Jake struggled to make it as an actor - waiting for that big, lucky break.

When he got it - courtesy of his agent, Christy, who also happens to be Rosie's best friend - everything changed. Suddenly Jake was hardly there, working hard, always in demand - a rising star.

But as fame and fortune reveals a side to Jake that Rosie's not sure she likes, she begins to wonder just how well she knows the man she married. And soon enough she's questioning how far she can trust the woman always at his side - her best friend Christy . . .

It has been years since I last read a book by Julia Llewellyn, I always recall enjoying her books, and I was right. This was an enjoyable story, one which I enjoyed. 

Ever since Jake has hit the big time with his acting career, he has been working harder and harder than ever, and is becoming a bit of a celebrity.  Rosie and Jake, along with their two children, move from a small flat in Neasden, London, to The Village and a huge house. 

Rosie is struggling to adjust not only to Jakes new found fame, but also to the level of wealth they now have, and is not used to being able to afford things without thinking them through. This book is in part a story on how to cope when you now have access to a large sum of money, and whether you will fit in with other rich people. 

It is also a book about Rosie and Jake's family, and whether they really are as in love as they were before, or whether Jake is changing not necessarily for the better. Rosie finds herself feeling a bit isolated, in a new village, being a stay at home mum (previously she had to work) and not knowing anyone in the area, is struggling to adjust. 

Slowly she starts to think that Jake is not the man she fell in love with, as you can never tell with actors. 

There is an interesting dynamic to the relationship between Rosie and her best friend Christy, as Christy is Jake's agent, and is continually trying to do things for the sake of his career. Christy also doesn't seem too interested in the children, so Rosie feels like she can't even rely on her oldest friend any more. 

There are interspersed with the present day story, there are the odd chapters that tell you more about Christy's friendship with Rosie as children, as well as parts of the early relationship between Rosie and Jake. 

Lovestruck is a good book, it just wasn't amazing. There is nothing particularly wrong with the story, but I didn't find it had that special something either, its just a nicely written, entertaining book that I enjoyed. 

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