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Book Review - The Good Guy's Guide to Getting the Girl by Peter Jones

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Title: The Good Guy's Guide to Getting the Girl 
Author: Peter Jones
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Lawsome Books
Publication Date: 19th May 2015
Rating: 4 Stars

Jason Smith, 29, self-confessed ‘good guy’, is single. Finally. 

But now that he is, all the girls he’d happily give up one side of his bed for – like, for instance, his school crush Melanie Jackson, are long gone. Or married. Or crazy. Or inexplicably obsessed with the office heart-throb, Gary. 

Or are they? Has Jason stumbled on a fool-proof way to meet the kind of exciting, fun woman he’s always dreamed about – or is he about to gamble his career, his friendships, and any hope of future romance, on a schoolboy fantasy? 

From best-selling author Peter Jones comes this romantic comedy about guys, girls and finding love at the turn of the millennium. 

I believe  I have had made a mistake, I should have read this one before Peter Jones' newest book, as then I would have probably thought this to be brilliant. As it is, I know he is capable of even better writing, so although I do really like this story, I am delighted to say the author is already showing signs of getting even better. 

 I think what marginally bugged me about the book, was that every now and then Jason, would be talking to someone and then it would be interspersed with a flashback of something that had happened (in what felt like the present tense), and with the person being talked to interjecting and random intervals. I know I may be making it sound like a conversation, but it didn't quite feel like one to me, as I kept getting confused as to what exactly was going on. 

This is though a lovely piece of lad lit, with Jason after being made redundant from his computer programming job, deciding that his best way of meeting women and also earning some money would be to become a glamour photographer! This is after he had tried other things such as a mechanics and cookery course, and a blind date. 

The story is all about Jason's quest for "the one", his friendship with Alex who likes a lot to drink and surprisingly is married, given the amount of lads nights in the pub he seems to have, and also Jason's attempts to get make a new career for himself. The story is set in the late 90's so although there are mentions of the all the modern technologies we have come to take for granted, they are in a far more primitive form! 

There are lots of amusing anecdotes in this story, and Jason's blind date generated from his cookery class is definitely one of the weirder ones I've seen in fiction, just in terms of the nature of the person he was set up with.  

The Good Guy's Guide to Getting the Girl is an enjoyable book, and Jason really is a nice guy, which makes such a change to all those bad boys out there. It shows just how much fun a good guy could really be, and that all he really wants is rom com love! 

Thank you to Lawsome Books and Netgalley for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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