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Book Review - What To Do If He's Having An Affair by Molly Hopkins

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Title: What To Do if He's Having An Affair
Author: Molly Hopkins
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Author supplied review copy
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: 30th January 2016
Rating: 3 Stars

Phoebe is convinced that her husband Mark is having an affair. The candid phone calls, recent sex drought and unexplained late nights are proof of it. Phoebe's friends and family are adamant that she's wrong because Mark is the epitome of husbandly perfection. But as one damming piece of evidence after the other comes to light Marks duplicity can no longer be rationalized. Phoebe's sisterhood turn against Mark and vote that Phoebe gets revenge. "It's your modern day responsibility to get even. It's your 21st Century right to settle the score. Show Mark what you're made of and have an affair yourself, it's a matter of pride and principle." Insists Phoebes beautiful and ruthless best friend, Lisey. 
And so the search begins. It's simply a matter of Phoebe finding someone to have an affair with. Easy, because there are literally millions of men in London, and Phoebe only needs one. But do two wrongs make a right?

I know this may sound odd, but I honestly felt there were far too many words in this book. I know its a book and its meant to words, but I  felt as though they seemed never ending at times. It could just be one of those situations where had I read this book another day, I may have appreciated the story more, but I struggled a bit with this book. 

There are three main characters, Phoebe who becomes convinced that her husband Mark is having an affair, Mark who is definitely hiding something but is it another woman, and also her sister Miranda who is embarking on an affair with a married man, and apparently believing every cliche in the book. 

Miranda although there weren't too many chapters from her perspective was probably my favourite character, she is smart, works as an art auctioneer and knows her stuff, and for the first time in her life has fallen in love with a man. It's not her fault he happens to be married, but despite discussing it at length with Phoebe, and Lisey (Phoebe's best friend), telling her what is likely to happen, she believes that its different with her and Harris. 

Lisey is another fabulous character, and her theories on men and sex are fabulous. There are far more discussions about sex, the male species and fidelity in this book than there are actual live sex scenes. A lot of the discussions are witty and highly enjoyable. Bella, Phoebe's colleague is also a very likeable character and she is capable of great empathy, even if she does take things to extremes. 

However I feel it says a lot about the book when the characters I like most are the support. Phoebe drove me mad and of course most of the book is about her. There were regular internal monlogues that seemed to go around and around in circles to the extent that I'm sorry to say that I started to only skim them, to get back to where the story was moving on. And its due to these monologues that I feel the book does have too many words!

There is definitely a comedy aspect to the book, but unfortunately it wasn't such that it really tickled me, and unfortunately there are only so many scenes where a group of three women end up completel y drunk that I am willing to read in one book, and I definitely passed my limit in this book. 

I had really been looking forward to What to Do if He's Having an Affair having read years ago Molly Hopkins earlier books, the What Happened in.. series, and although unsurprisingly the writing style has changed over the years, I still prefer her earlier works. 

Generally I found this to be a likeable enough read, but it did just feel a bit on the slow side for my liking, and at times I wasn't completely sure I wanted to pick it back up. I am glad I did though, as the conclusion was definitely worth reading. 

Thank you to Molly Hopkins for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 

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