Thursday, 19 May 2016

Guest Post - BBQs and Katey Lovell

When Rachel kindly invited me to write a guest post for her gorgeous blog on BBQs, I had a bit of a panic. Although The Boy at the BBQ is (as the title suggests!) set at a BBQ, my own experience of outdoor cooking is less than successful.  

My family love to eat outside when it’s warm enough to do so, but we’ve never splashed out on a barbecue, instead using the disposable ones that I’ve found to be a bit rubbish – our food tends to be black on the outside and raw on the inside, which leaves us all feeling a bit sorry for ourselves when there’s nothing on our plate but a pile of salad leaves!

However, I have been to some great BBQs at other people’s houses.  These tend to have someone keeping a watchful eye over the grill and making sure nothing ‘catches’, which is perhaps where we go wrong at our house.  We’re just not attentive enough!

Here are some of my favourite BBQ foods…

1) Quorn sausages
I’m a vegetarian and although there’s plenty of choice of meat substitutes in the supermarkets and health food shops, these are my favourites.  Slathered with mayonnaise, this would be my ideal hot dog filling.

2) Vegetable kebabs
Peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes – these all actually taste pretty good even if they ARE slightly blackened.  And if they’re underdone there’s no risk of food poisoning.  So these are pretty perfect.

3) Bananas with Nutella
This gooey delight tastes best straight off the barbeque and eaten straight out of the tinfoil it was cooked in.  Yum!

4) Salad with pickles
I’m a big fan of pickles.  Gherkins are my favourite but I also love beetroot and onion – they give even the most bland salad a kick.  I’ve always got a few jars stashed in the cupboard.

5) Ice cream
Not just for BBQs, ice cream is my favourite food to eat outdoors.  It’s one of my favourite foods full stop, to be honest.  I love some of the more unusual flavours such as pistachio and coffee, but a whippy ice cream from the ice cream van is the epitome of summer to me.

Thank you so much to Rachel for inviting me onto her blog today, and I hope you all have a lovely summer full of fabulous BBQs that are more like Betsy and Seb’s than mine!!

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Thank you so much Katey for sharing with us your thoughts on BBQs. I am the complete opposite when it comes to a BBQ, I like my meat, chargrilled and noone has ever done BBQ chicken as well as my dad did. It's been years since I had a decent BBQ, so any invitations are welcome!

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