Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Book Review - A Year of Being Single by Fiona Collins

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Title:  A Year of Being Single
Author: Fiona Collins
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Carina
Publication Date: 21st April 2016
Rating: 4 Stars

Best friends Imogen, Frankie and Grace decide to test whether the grass really is greener on the single side of the fence…

Imogen is supposed to be on the most romantic weekend of her life and instead she’s quickly realised that her current boyfriend definitely isn’t ‘The One’ and actually One Big Mistake.

Frankie is fed up. Fed up of her good-for-nothing husband and her four, unappreciative children. Well, they hardly notice her anyway, maybe it’s time to shake it up a little…

Grace thought she had the perfect life. Gorgeous little boy and perfect, hardworking husband. Or rather, she did, until she realised her husband was shagging his ‘work’.

It’s time for a change – and to ditch the men who are dragging them down! It’s time for a year of being single. Swearing off men, these single ladies don’t need to put a ring on it…right?

Three best friends all living in the same street, all on the same day let out silent screams and realise they need to change their current circumstances. Imogen realises that she needs to get rid of the current man she is dating as he is repulsive. Frankie is mum to four kids, plus her husband who by the sounds of it is more of  a child than the others. She realises the only way she will ever get appreciated or some alone time is to kick Rob out. And then there is Grace, who has just discovered her husband James is cheating on her. 

When the three friends get together the next day they decide between them to all be single for a year, and swear off all contact with any men completely. Of course things never go exactly according to plan and you end up with a fabulous mix of the friends lying to each other, as they realise its harder than it seems to stay single for a year! 

A Year of Being Single is a fabulously entertaining story, alternating between the three friends points of view. All three of the friends stories are very different, and it was a pleasure getting to know the ladies. Imogen's colleague sounded a bit nuts, Grace had a different way of dealing with a plus one invite now that she was single and Frankie took up a new hobby and found herself realising that she needs to be careful what she wises for. 

This is an enjoyable debut novel from Fiona Collins, and one that I found to be light hearted piece of chick lit, perfect of cheering up a drab weekend. It was easy to read, and I feel that it would be quite easy to dip in and out of,. The writing is amusing and there are some fairly memorable scenes.  

I did feel slightly let down by the conclusion, and felt that various conversations towards the end should have been bigger and more impactful. There are though some gorgeous men and a few good romantic gestures in the story to make up for it!  

As someone who is chronically single, I still feel happy being single after reading this, but appreciate its not a condition that most ladies can deal with for a whole year! 

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina for this review copy. This was my honest opinion. 


  1. Good review! Bummer that the conclusion wasn't what you were hoping for but glad that you enjoyed it overall :)

  2. Puts me in mind of a trailer I saw for the film 'Bad Moms (or similar)'. It made me hoot. This sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :) xx


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