Tuesday 31 October 2023

Book Review - Christmas at the Cat Cafe by Jessica Redland

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Title: Christmas at the Cat Cafe
Author: Jessica Redland
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Publication Date: 15th September 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

It's the most wonderful time of the year on Castle Street, and there's a paw-some new business opening....
It had always been Tabby's dream to work with cats and an inheritance from her beloved nanna has finally made that a reality. Idyllic Castle Street in Whitsborough Bay couldn’t be a better place for pastry chef Tabby to open a cat café with her boyfriend, Leon.

But when Leon leaves her in the lurch, the pressure mounts for Tabby. With Christmas fast approaching, she has to open the café on her own – a daunting prospect, especially when she's been hiding her health issues from the ones she loves.

Faced with local resistance to the café – and somebody seemingly determined that she won’t succeed – Tabby will need her friends, family and cats more than ever to recover her broken Christmas spirit and pull together for a Christmas miracle.

Will the cat café bring the festive joy to Castle Street as Tabby had hoped or will it be a cat-astrophe? And can the magic of Christmas on Castle Street mend Tabby's broken heart as well as her business?

Escape with million-copy bestseller Jessica Redland this Christmas for the purr-fect festive treat!

From the opening page of the book I knew it would be special.  And I don't mean the first page of chapter one, I mean the explanation of who all the cats are and which real cats they are based on.  It was such a special touch, and introduced us instantly to the care and level of detail, plus specialness of how the fur babies would be depicted in this story. 

And it is becoming incredibly apparent that Jessica Redland is a massive animal lover, not just a hedgehog fan, as whenever there are this many animals in one of her books, you just feel the affection and care for them. 

I loved the idea of a cat cafe, and loved seeing how it was all set up and explained how it would work. 

But what really makes this book even above our feline friends, who I totally loved, all of them, is the depiction of Fibromyalgia that our main character Tabby has.  It is clear a lot of research has been put into this and explaining what its like to live with a chronic pain condition, in such a sensitive and empathetic way, is eye opening. 

It's eye opening and such a special book in so many ways. Plus it was amazing to back in Whitsborough Bay, back on Castle Street and getting to catch up with even briefly with the lives of other shop owners that have featured in previous books was such a joy for this massive Jessica Redland fan. 

A totally amazing book, I couldn't read it fast enough, I even went to be earlier than normal so I could read for a long while undistracted, and made any excuse to pick up my kindle to make sure I devoured this. 

Just brilliant!

Thank you to Boldwood Books and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 30 October 2023

Book Review - Christmas Wishes at the Lakeside Cottage by Erin Green

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Title: Christmas Wishes at the Lakeside Cottage
Author: Erin Green
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Review
Publication Date: 28th September 2023
Rating:4 Stars

Welcome to the Lakeside Cottage . . . a place for loved ones to share the perfect seasonal escape . . .

The Carmichaels are gearing up to make this festive season the Christmas of all Christmases, as this blended family gathers at the Lakeside Cottage for a Boxing Day wedding...

Lowry can't help but think her mum's whirlwind marriage is more than a little rash. But after she raised her single-handedly, Lowry is determined to be there in return.

Helen has watched her ex-husband remarry three times already. The fourth might succeed in breaking her heart. Or it might force her to finally move on.

Martha has worked for the Carmichaels for over three decades and has guarded all their secrets. Now she has a secret of her own. Admitting it will be the hardest thing she's ever done.

These three women will do anything for their loved ones. But as revelations come to light amongst the stunning snowy countryside, the greatest lesson will be learning how to live for themselves too.

A few days after finishing reading this and my head is still spinning.  I'm not sure I've read about a more complicated and surprising set of family dynamics ever. 

There is so many connections and interconnections between all the Carmichael gang, that it's amazing how easy the story is to follow, once you have the basics sorted in your mind. 

The fact that Lowry is only just meeting everyone for the first time, helps as a storytelling device to let her and the reader to get to know everyone. 

What did take my by surprise mainly cos I rarely read blurbs is that I was expecting this to be related to Summer Dreams at Lakeside Cottage, and can now safely say they are two very standalone stories, with no connection other than the setting. 

Featuring a massive blended family, a birthday, Christmas and a wedding, in addition to almost as many ex-wives to rival Henry VIII, and an adorable cat with kittens  - there is a lot going on this story.  And it was a pleasure to read it. 

I really felt for Lowry as coming into this family, to watch her mother marry Rupert, can't be easy, and her first encounter with her new step-father to be doesn't really go according to plan. 

There are secrets galore within this family and I loved discovering each and every one of them. 

It was a very enjoyable story to read, set once again in a fabulous location. 

Thank you to Headline and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday 27 October 2023

Book Review - The Faking Game by Portia MacIntosh

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Title: The Faking Game
Author: Portia MacIntosh
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Publication Date: 5th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Cara and Millsy have broken up... sort of.
After years of being everyone's favourite couple, always up for a party and having fun wherever they go, things have fizzled out.

But when they realise they have a whole calendar of events and celebrations with friends and family coming up, Cara and Millsy can't face letting them down.

So they decide to make a pact: just convince everyone they're as madly in love as ever and get through the festivities without causing suspicion, and then deal with the break up in the new year. How hard can it be...?

Swept up in the festive spirit, will Cara and Millsy fake it til they make it? Or will they realise they are meant to be after all...?

Portia MacIntosh has done it again, and written yet another utterly hilarious book. 

This time with a pair of characters who are known for getting into sticky situations and coming up with ingenious ways of getting out of them. Plus Cara absolutely loves playing games, which already made me love her. 

In fact Cara is an escape room designer, a job I would have loved to learn more about as it is so unusual.  

And Millsy is wonderful too, complete with his new accents coach, who has to follow him around constantly to work  on his Southern accent for a film he is shooting in the new year. 

However Cara and Millsy have technically broken up but agreed to fake still being together over the run up to and over the Christmas period so that they don't upset all of their families.  So this is a fake dating trope, but with a couple that were already a couple to start with, which is a nice spin on it. 

And the various situations they get themselves into, always had me giggling away to myself.  This is a fabulously light hearted festive story,  full of weddings, a whole range of family dynamics, some online dating escapades and a whole lot more. 

I couldn't get enough of this story, and it was a total joy to read. 

Thank you to Boldwood Books and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday 26 October 2023

Book Review - Christmas by Candlelight by Karen Swan

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Title: Christmas by Candlelight
Author: Karen Swan
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Macmillan
Publication Date: 26th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Snowed in for the holidays, old truths rise to the surface. Christmas by Candlelight is a cosy Christmas story from Karen Swan, bestselling author of The Stolen Hours.

It’s three days before Christmas and starting to snow when high-flier Libby and her new boyfriend reluctantly attend her university reunion on the way back from a wedding in Yorkshire.

Hosted by Archie Templeton - the heartbreaker of their group - at his grand family estate, the night is a great success until they go to leave: the road is now impassable and they’re given a bed for the night.

At first, being snowed in together is fun as the old friends wait in high spirits for the farmer to clear a path. But as hours pass with no news, everyone grows restless.

Then the power goes out . . .

Hunkered down together by candlelight, they reminisce about old times - and tensions soon start to rise. Secrets from the past begin to unravel and Libby is confronted with a truth she has long tried to deny.

My festive reading never feels complete until I've read a new Karen Swan Christmas novel. Every single one of them is amazing, and they always feel completely different and this was no exception. 

Within the first 10% of the book I was already so engrossed within the pages that I very almost missed my tube stop, I definitely had no recollection of the stops between where I got on and started the book, and where I was aiming to leave the tube. 

There is just something about Karen Swan's writing that draws me in every single time, and I was transported into Libby's life, both the present day story, and the much harder to read sections from when she was at uni and what happened to the friendship group back in the day. 

Libby has always felt as though she doesn't quite belong in the group, but that's not even part of the reason why she hasn't seen any of them in 9 years, but she did agree to attend this reunion. 

But Libby was only intending to stay for dinner, and then head back down to London, but mother nature had other ideas, and what then happens, would be for many authors the setting for a rising body count, and a really claustrophobic thriller - instead what we have is a group that are forced together in close proximity, and having to make the best of the situation.  But still with some atmospherically spooky things going on and an element of danger. 

I loved seeing how the group dynamics changed, how secretes have a way of coming out, both from the past and present, and generally just enjoyed every last second of this book.  Had I been able to, I'm confident I would have read this in one sitting, as it was I was reaching for it at every opportunity. 

So much to love contained in these pages, and I'm already looking forward to next Christmas and hopefully another epic Christmas story from Karen Swan. 

Thank you to Macmillan and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Book Review - It Always Snows on Mistletoe Square by Ali McNamara

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Title: It Always Snows on Mistletoe Square
Author: Ali McNamara
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: 12th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Bestselling author and reader favourite, Ali McNamara, is giving her readers just what's on their Christmas list. Curl up with this magical winter warmer...

Wanted: experienced writer to record the history of one house and its family.
Bed and board provided, the successful applicant must love Christmas.

Elle is rudderless, jobless and she's soon to be homeless. When she spies an advert that looks like it could answer all her problems she's devastated to see one huge catch. Elle definitely does not love Christmas.
On Mistletoe Square, an eccentric elderly woman and her unconventional housekeeper have an enormous Christmas tree and a box of delicate decorations collected over what must be centuries. With each decoration comes a story and with each story a breath-taking glimpse of a Christmas past.
One Christmas at a time, the house's history is brought vividly to life for Elle. But the more she sees of the family's past, the more she wonders where and how their story might end. And what of her own story? Is it possible that what felt like an ending might have been leading her here, to a new beginning?

Wow! Unbelievably believable! 

Speechless... literally don't have the words to describe this

Christmas Magic at it's finest. 

A must read festive book this year. 

Immensely imaginative, and full of warmth. 

Truly spectacular....

... and I'm still struggling to work out how to write in full sentences. 

Would absolutely love to see this on the big screen. In fact I reckon it would work well on stage too there is a theatrical quality about it. 

Everything was so vividly described, that I almost forgot I was reading a book, let alone a book that is featuing so many unexplainable circumstances. 

It's magical realism, its festive, it has elements of history, of social commentary on various issues at various times in the house's life. 

And two characters who you know aren't quite regular everyday run of the mill characters, but that I would absolutely struggle to find proper words to describe them .

My mind is blown (and in a good way). 

Completely unlike any other Christmas book I've read (and I read ridiculous amounts each year of festive books) - all in a good way. 

Was thinking about this even when I wasn't reading it, and I am sure it will play on my mind for days. 

Just a festive masterpiece, and easily one of Ali McNamara's best books and probably my new favourite of hers. 

Thank you to Sphere and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 23 October 2023

Book Review - In The Greek Midwinter by Mandy Baggot

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Title: In The Greek Midwinter
Author: Mandy Baggot
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Publication Date: 6th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

It was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime…

But when Jen’s boyfriend David suddenly cancels their romantic Paris trip, needing to urgently travel to Athens for work, it’s best friend Bonnie who suggests they surprise him.

Having already booked the time off from her events company – Christmas Every Day – Jen decides an impromptu and romantic gesture might be just what their relationship needs.

Arriving in Greece and finding David is not there, Jen has a lot of questions. And when she gets her answers she has a choice – should she go home or should she stay a while?

With the help of Astro, the handsome yet Christmas-hating waiter from the local bar, she sets about a little Greek Christmas research. But what starts as a ‘business trip’ soon turns into something more…

I think this might be the Mandy Baggot book we have all been waiting for, for I know she is the queen of the summer Greek romance, and also has previously written Christmas books set in some stunning typically festive locations - but the one thing I've wanted is a Christmas Book set in Greece! 

And boy has she delivered, and even more surprisingly instead of one of her beloved islands, it is set in Athens itself. (Something that wouldn't have surprised me had I actually read the blurb at any point!). 

When you say Athens to me I instantly conure up one of my port stops on a cruise, and just how ridiculously hot the city is in the height of summer.  So I was very curious to see just how the Greeks celebrate Christmas and indeed what the weather would be like. 

And I can safely say that Mandy Baggot has sold me on the idea of visiting Greece in the winter months, especially the run up to Christmas, as it sounds gorgeous, while also not causing humans to melt! 

Some of the locations I could picture so clearly from my own day in Athens, or from researching the city for a different cruise - and I loved how I could imagine everything and it felt like I was there. 

And the characters, special shout out to Jen's assistant Natalia who has a fabulous turn of phrase, and some rather insane sounding brothers.  And to Kathleen and Bonnie who are also both fabulous in their own ways. These ladies are essentially Jen's family and have her back the whole time and I just loved all their dynamics. 

Seeing Jen and Astro develop over the course of the book is great.  I loved getting to know Astro, Peri and Achilles especially. 

And they really are opposites in their views on Christmas, but in terms of upbringing there are some similarities which I think they recognised in each other. And seeing them open up and reveal parts of themselves that others rarely see was beautiful. 

I just loved every single page of this story, and couldn't get enough of it.  A total triumph, left me smiling and keen to fly to Greece! 

Thank you to Boldwood Books and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday 19 October 2023

Book Review - Summer Dreams at the Lakeside Cottage by Erin Green

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Title: Summer Dreams at the Lakeside Cottage
Author: Erin Green
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Headline Review
Publication Date: 20th July 2023
Rating: 4 Stars

Welcome to the Lakeside Cottage . . . a place to escape, where friendship awaits . . .

When Beth, Koo and Lulu wake up in the same hotel room in Bath, wearing each other's hen night attire, they are extremely confused - especially as they have never met before. But what begins that night is just the start of a week of surprises . . .

Beth has followed the traditional path in her relationship with Dale, and now their wedding is just days away - but is it really what she wants?

Koo's relationship with Judd has been anything but expected - especially by her family. Is she right to trust her instincts and go through with this marriage?

For Lulu, the big day approaching signifies nothing but heartache as the man she loves is marrying another. Should she fight for the happiness they both deserve?

The three women make a snap decision to escape to a beautiful Lake District cottage for one week, hoping that the gift of their new-found friendships will help them make the biggest decision of their lives.

So a nun, a flapper girl and a woman in a bathtub wake up in the same room together...  and I have to say that sounds like it should be the start of an epic joke. 

But what is is the very memorable start of this new Erin Green book, for the readers, not the characters as they initially have absolutely no idea why none of them even recognise the room or how they got there. 

It soon becomes apparent they all left separate hen nights and are all either due to be married, or is a maid of honour, all for weddings at 2pm the following Saturday. 

What follows is a story of self discovery for all three of our leading ladies, Beth, Koo and Lulu, who are all completely different, from different walks of life and all go through a massive journey of the heart and of working out what their heart desires throughout this story.  And amazingly for most of the book we only hear about the men third hand. 

For although this is about female friendship, building new bonds, it's not necessarily a romance, more an exploration of various relationships.

And honestly I couldn't have predicted any of this book if I had tried.  I love the fact they decide to retreat to a Lakeside cottage for a rather different "hen week" and to try to get their heads straight, and the fact they have to tell each other their back stories is a great device for letting the reader in on the same info. 

This is such a different premise for a book, and I loved it for it. I enjoyed getting to know our ladies, and seeing what decisions they would come to.  And I'm already looking forward to the sequel, which I have just opened but not started reading on my kindle!  Can't wait to see what will be in store next time. 

Highly enjoyable story. 

Thank you to Headline and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Book Review - That Festive Feeling by Heidi Swain - Blog Tour

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Title: That Festive Feeling
Author: Heidi Swain
Format reviewed: Paperback
Source: Publisher supplied copy
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 12th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Holly has the place to herself this Christmas. It’s not her place, though – she is house-sitting for friends who live on Nightingale Square – just there to keep the place warm and cosy and only for long enough for her to sort her life out. Newly single and finding herself unsure about next steps for her career, she plans to hunker down and make some life decisions.

To clear her mind, she sets off on early morning walks around a nearby lake and bumps into May, an older lady who is also new to the area, and her dapper Dachshund Monty. Quickly, a firm friendship blossoms. Then when Holly meets Bear, a rather large and rather attractive man, at the local pub, and his rescue dog Queenie, her stay at Nightingale Square suddenly feels even more appealing.

As the community comes together for the season’s festivities, Holly must start thinking about where her life will take her next. Some big decisions need to be made, but distractions close to home make thinking about the future more tricky than ever…

Will she get that festive feeling this Christmas…?

Absolutely loved this latest Nightingale Square book, featuring a cast of brand new characters who are totally fabulous, as well as all the regulars I already knew and love from previous books in this series. 

Holly is house sitting in the Square, in the run up to Christmas for her friends and she is utterly determined to keep her head down and not be drawn into the community or life around the Square. However she soon realises saying yes to things will actually enrich her life. 

Especially after meeting May, who she starts taking regular walks with, and her dog Monty. May and Monty are brilliant, she's larger than life, and meeting Holly is the best thing that has happened to her in years. And Monty I think has more clothes than I do! 

Add in handsome new stranger to the square Bear, who has a memorable first meeting with Holly, and his dog Queenie, and you have absolutely loads of four legged friends in this book - and this humans are just as interesting. 

I loved seeing Holly's character development over the course of the story, as she starts to embrace her life, and is open to new ideas, from her new friends.  I loved seeing more of The Chapel, and even liked the cameos from one of Heidi Swain's other series too. 

This can easily be read as a standalone, but for fans of the author, seeing familiar faces is always a thrill. 

This had me smiling from start to finish and i couldn't read it fast enough. An utterly delightful story, that has me wondering whether the end of September is too soon to put the tree up! 

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Please do follow along with the rest of this blog tour. 

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Book Review - A Winter To Remember by Roisin Meaney

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Title: A Winter to Remember
Author: Roisin Meaney
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: 12th October 2023
Publication Date: Hachette Books Ireland
Rating: 5 Stars

Emily Feeney has always loved the festive season, so when she invites some of her favourite people to Christmas dinner at her restaurant, she has an afternoon of delicious fare and seasonal fun in mind. But as the big day draws near, her plans start to look a bit uncertain . . .

Her partner Bill is preoccupied by family worries, and both he and Emily have been skirting around a big unanswered question. When events finally force Emily to issue an ultimatum, Bill must choose between the two women he loves.

Tom and Lil have moved into the apartment above Emily's restaurant, hoping to put the past behind them while they plan their summer wedding. Little do they know that an unexpected arrival in town is about to make the past a lot harder to forget.

And Emily's best friend Heather has surprise visitors too: the mother she left behind as a teen, who now needs Heather's help, and a man she thought she'd never see again. Maybe it's finally time to give each of them a second chance?

As Emily's prospective guests navigate their way through the holiday season, their lives become more and more complicated. Will they all find themselves around the table together on Christmas Day?

Such a heartwarming and beautiful story.  It has been a long while since I last read a book from this author but when I spotted this one, I couldn't resist. 

And thankfully I managed to start reading, while I was on a tube and then in a restaurant so had time, when I wasn't distracted to really get into the story, and get to grips with the fairly large cast of main characters, in one sitting. 

Which definitely helped as it then meant when I wasn't reading, I was waiting to grip the kindle again and get back to the story, as it totally enchanted me. 

There are so many different characters and story threads that all interlink in a seamless way.  I'd say it's Christine's story that is the most powerful, we don't see huge amounts of her, but she is present the whole time, and some of her chapters are incredibly strong, and I really felt for her, and was willing her to turn her life around. 

I could comment on each of the characters, but really the blurb is doing a much better job of it than I could do, and I generally liked all of them. They all had distinctive voices and thankfully the author did label each chapter which the featured character for that chapter. 

It was a gentle story, that really gets under your skin, and I am so glad I had the chance to read this.  What a truly lovely story, set in the run up to Christmas, but can easily be read at any time of the year as it's not a Christmas book as such, just a gorgeous story set in the winter. 

Thank you to Hachette Books Ireland and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Monday 16 October 2023

Book Review - Countdown to Christmas by Jo Thomas - Blog Tour

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Amazon UK

Title: Countdown to Christmas
Author: Jo Thomas
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: 12th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

Chloe can't wait for Christmas . . . to be over! Her son Ruben is staying with his dad and Chloe is planning to ignore the holidays altogether. Her only festive touch is her son's advent calendar, to help count down the days till he's home again.

But a surprise call changes everything. Chloe might be the unexpected owner of some land in Canada! Surely, it's a scam. Or could it be just the escape she needs right now? Ruben's latest note in the advent calendar tells her to 'say yes!'

In a flash, Chloe's new countdown to Christmas involves a log cabin in the middle of a snowy forest, a community that's worried for its future, a gruff lumberjack who gives her butterflies and a lot of pancakes with maple syrup . . .

For a happy Christmas read full of romance and festive surprises, choose Jo Thomas.

Will have you craving Maple syrup and pancakes, while wishing you were in a picturesque lakeside location in the French part of Canada. 

At least I'd be quite happy to hop on a plane to visit this Maple Tree forest, but perhaps not a Christmas as it really does sound incredibly cold.

I think Ruben's advent calendar has to be one of the stars of this book, and I also loved Ike the Turkey, and his starring role. 

Through the advent calendar, Ruben challenges his mum Chloe to do different small things each day which can have a big impact, and to help her pass the time until he's back from a month long trip to visit his father. 

In the meantime Chloe discovers she may be the heir to some land in Canada, and flies out to work out just how she might be connected to this long lost relative and to find out if its genuine etc.. 

I loved the descriptions of Canada, and of Chloe trying to get used to the rather remote location where she is staying.  And seeing her get to know the local community 

This was a totally absorbing read, which I devoured in a few short hours. It took my mind off my most recent Covid jab and possibly side effects, and I could picture everything so clearly.  It is another joyous and triumphant book from an author that always makes me smile. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily, 

Please follow along with the rest of this blog tour. 

Friday 13 October 2023

Book Review - The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella

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Title: The Burnout
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Transworld Digital
Publication Date: 12th October 2023
Rating: 5 Stars

The irresistible new romantic comedy from the number one bestselling author. Discover the joy that awaits when you set yourself free...

Sasha is well and truly over it all: work (all-consuming), friendships (on the back burner), sex-life (non-existent). Sasha has hit a brick wall (literally).

Armed with good intentions to drink kale smoothies, try yoga and find solitude, she heads to the Devon resort she loved as a child. But it's off-season, the hotel is falling apart and now she has to share the beach with someone else: a grumpy, stressed-out guy called Finn. How can she commune with nature when he's sitting on a rock, watching her? Especially when they don't agree on burnout cures. (Sasha: manifesting, wild swimming, secret Mars bars; Finn: drinking whisky.)

But when curious messages start appearing on the beach, Sasha and Finn are forced to begin talking - about everything. What's the mystery? Why are they both burned out? What exactly is 'manifesting', anyway?

They might discover that they have more in common than they think...

This is vintage Sophie Kinsella at her very best.  I absolutely loved every single word of it. 

The staff at the Rilston hotel are totally hilarious, the various app notifications, the over the top manager,  they are all so eager to please, but it has what I would assume to be a slightly Fawlty Towers esque feel to it (I've not technically watched any). 

And the dynamics between Finn and Sasha are fabulous. From them fighting over a particularly comfy rock, to insisting on sitting other sides of the dining room, as they are definitely not a couple, its sheer brilliance.  Add in the very memorable scene which started with a joyfulness programme at work, ended up with Sasha running into a brick wall, with some utterly film comedy gold moments in between.   Not to mention the scene in Pret, which is also very funny. 

And those are just a few examples of things to watch out for, while Sasha returns to the Rilston, to recover from Burnout, and Finn is also there for similar reasons. And as they slowly get to know each other, something really lovely develops.  

And Sasha's plans for this "wellness break" are so amusing.  Ok just about everything tickled me in this book. 

It's funny, it's entertaining, it would make a fabulous film, and its completely fabulous! 

Thank you to Transworld and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 
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