Wednesday 30 March 2022

Book Review - Reputation by Sarah Vaughan

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Title: Reputation
Author: Sarah Vaughan
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 3rd March 2022
Rating: 5 Stars

Emma Webster is a respectable MP.
Emma Webster is a devoted mother.
Emma Webster is innocent of the murder of a tabloid journalist.
Emma Webster is a liar.
#Reputation: The story you tell about yourself. And the lies others choose to believe…

Sarah Vaughan must be the queen of the courtroom drama.  I was enthralled, gripped, hooked and all the other words that have that sort of meaning. 

I was never quite sure what the truth of the matter was, I had my own theory that I was only a sliver correct with, but thoroughly enjoyed seeing how this all played out. 

In fact I reckon it would work well on TV as a series, there are enough mini cliff-hangers, or stopping points for the next episodes to build suspense, drama and intrigue. 

In multiple parts we discover the lead up to the journalist's death, Emma's frame of mind at all times, the great causes she was campaigning for as an MP, but the flipside too as to how much abuse and vitriol can be directed at someone in the public eye. 

I could at times feel Emma's fear alongside her, and although the majority of the book is from her point of view, we also get chapters from Flora's, her daughter, as well as various other key people.  Flora is an interesting character, she's a teen that has one lapse of judgment that has rippling consequences. We also see how she deals being a teen with a mother accused of murder. 

Sarah Vaughan has such a way with words, that I felt as though I was a fly on the wall at all times, watching everything so clearly. It's superb writing, and she's an author that is clearly going from strength to strength.

I utterly loved this! 

Thank you to Simon and Schuster and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Book Review - Chocolate Cake For Breakfast by Rosie Green

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Title: Chocolate Cake For Breakfast
Author: Rosie Green
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self published
Publication Date: 31st January 2022
Rating: 5 Stars

After a shocking accident, Martha Munro has given up on her childhood dreams. With her confidence shattered, even leaving the house is scary, and a promising romance with gorgeous Logan is over before it even had a chance to begin. But cheered on by her dad and her great friend, Madison, she makes a decision that could change everything. Can Martha find the courage to step out into the world and love again?

How on earth can this already by book 20 in the series, and still also feel really fresh.  First I feel I need to say that despite it being quite deep into an established series this can easily standalone,  this is the first time we have met Martha, and also she's friends with Madison and the other Duck Pond Cafe girls do put in an appearance, the focus is all on Martha. 

And what a story Martha has, from her initial meeting with Logan, to the accident that has shocked her to her core and changed her outlook on life, to how everything pans out, I was gripped. 

Although described vividly and I believe accurately, I would say it was rather painful to read about Martha's migraine's if only because they have caused my head to really hurt in sympathy, I've had a pounding headache more or less since reading about them. 

That aside I loved this story, and seeing if Martha would be able to grow in confidence again.  Lila is a new character who I loved to hate, she is beyond irritating, selfish and unfeeling, but with it provides great entertainment! 

This is another example of how brilliant Rosie Green is at writing this series, it feels familiar and fresh at the same time, the characters are so relatable to and believable, and frankly anyone who is encouraging chocolate cake for breakfast in my opinion deserves a standing ovation! 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Monday 28 March 2022

Book Review - One Lucky Summer by Jenny Oliver - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: One Lucky Summer
Author: Jenny Oliver
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: HQ
Publication Date: 8th July 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

With an air of faded splendour, Willoughby Hall was an idyllic childhood home to Ruben de Lacy. Gazing at it now, decades later, the memories are flooding back, and not all of them are welcome…

In a tumbledown cottage in Willoughby’s grounds, Dolly and Olive King lived with their eccentric explorer father. One of the last things he did was to lay a treasure hunt before he died, but when events took an unexpected turn, Dolly and Olive left Willoughby for good, never to complete it.

But when Ruben uncovers a secret message, hidden for decades, he knows he needs Olive and Dolly’s help. Can the three of them solve the treasure hunt, and will piecing together the clues help them understand what happened to their families that summer, all those years ago?

A glorious summer read with a delightful cast of characters from the bestselling author of The Summer We Ran Away.

Well I wasn't expecting to see a real life treasure hunt in any of  the books I was reading this holiday, but that is definitely what's at the centre of this book. 

Well that, and the chance for Ruben, Olive and Dolly to revisit their childhood and see if they can make sense of their memories, 

Add in Zadie, Ruben's daughter who he barely knows but is in charge of for two weeks, and who is a complete chatterbox and you have a great combination of factors to keep you reading. 

I adored Zadie, with her quick fire either questions or firing pieces of information at you non stop, without a chance for anyone to respond or breathe!

It was her energy in addition to Dolly's feistiness and ability to keep landing up in sticky situations that had me hooked. 

I found the pages of this book whizzed by while I was barely able to keep up with how much I was enjoying it and how quickly the percentage meter was ticking upwards. 

I really loved these characters and once again Jenny Oliver has written a fabulous story.

Thank you to HQ and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday 25 March 2022

Book Review - While We Were Dating by Jasmine Guillory - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: While We Were Dating
Author: Jasmine Guillory
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Headline Eternal
Publication Date: 13th July 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Can a Hollywood romance work in the real world?

Ben Stephens has never been one to mix business and pleasure, but when he lands a huge ad campaign featuring movie star, Anna Gardiner, and it turns out she's as funny and down-to-earth as she is gorgeous, Ben can't help flirting a little.

Anna Gardiner is hoping this ad campaign will be a great distraction while she waits to hear if she's booked her dream role, but she doesn't anticipate that Ben Stephens might be an even bigger distraction...

After a family emergency and a late-night road trip moves them past light-hearted flirtation, Ben and Anna grow closer. But when Anna's manager decides to use their fling to help Anna's Hollywood career, will Ben be content to play the background role in Anna's life and leave when the cameras stop rolling? Or could he be the leading man she's looking for?

I think I need to start by saying these are some of the hottest sex scenes I've read in a long while. 

Kudos to Jasmine Guillory for writing such a sizzling chemistry that I fully believed between Ben and Anna. 

There are elements of the fake dating trope in there, but I never remotely believed that what they were feeling was fake! 

I'm rather glad I was reading this on holiday where I could take a dip in the pool just to cool myself off at points while reading. 

It's sassy, its fun, it's hot and it's simply fabulous.  Another wonderful piece of escapism from this rather talented author.

Thank you to Headline Eternal and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Book Review - The Kill List by M. A. Comley

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Title: The Kill List
Author: M. A. Comley
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Jeamel Publishing Limited
Publication Date: 16th March 2022
Rating: 5 Stars

There’s a killer on the loose, but how is he choosing his targets?

DI Sara Ramsey is about to enter the toughest week of her life. Forced to put aside a catastrophic personal problem, Sara is determined to hunt down the ruthless killer.

Will a connection between the victims raise moral issues that push her to the limits professionally?And will Sara be scarred for life by the distressing news she receives whilst dealing with the complex case?

And once again M. A. Comley makes the latest book in a series feel completely and utterly fresh, which is a rather impressive skill. 

This time around initially Carla is taking over some of the initial questioning of victim's family members, while Sara is dealing with the latest family news which gave the book a rather emotional tone to it at times.  

And it's good to see Carla start to gain a smidge more confidence in her own opinions, and that wasn't the only police officer we get to see a lot more of. 

The work load for DI Sara Ramsey is ramping up at pace, when they have multiple dead bodies all with different methods of death, so no obvious link at all and once again I find myself fascinated with how the police can deal with such a complex set of cases. 

This had me completely and utterly gripped, there were a few tears, but also I was just enthralled with seeing what would happen next.  An utterly brilliant latest instalment in this series, that always impresses me.   Once more I want to hand M. A. Comley all the superlatives for such a fabulous book. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 21 March 2022

Book Review - The Little Shop in Cornwall by Helen Pollard - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: The Little Shop in Cornwall
Author: Helen Pollard
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 15th June 2020
Rating: 4 Stars

Claudia thought she knew how this summer was going to go. Turns out, she didn’t have a clue…

It’s been two years since Claudia arrived on the beautifully rugged Cornish coast with nothing but a suitcase to her name. She’d walked out on the husband who had never loved her, ditched the corporate job she’d never wanted and vowed that no gym membership card would come within ten feet of her ever again.

Swapping boardrooms and cocktails for a little shop right at the end of the beach road should have been a bit of a shock. But from the moment she first laid eyes on the empty, run-down store, Claudia knew this was where she was meant to be all along.

After all that upheaval, Claudia was looking forward to a quiet summer, full of the usual holiday makers and long walks along the clifftops. But life in her patch of paradise is about to change in more ways than one.

Enter recently widowed Jason, dragging his sullen teenage daughter Millie in tow. Millie and Claudia immediately hit it off. And while Millie loves everything about Claudia’s free-spirited way of life, practical architect Jason is less than thrilled about his daughter’s new interests. He doesn’t shy away from telling Claudia exactly what he thinks and sparks fly every time they meet.

But as circumstances throw Claudia into Jason’s path in increasingly unexpected ways, she begins to glimpse what lies beneath his fiery temper and sharp tongue. Claudia was sure her new life was perfect in every way. But was there something missing after all?

The perfect summer holiday escape, full of warmth, humour and heart. Fans of Sarah Morgan, Cathy Bramley and Phillipa Ashley will be charmed by this seaside romance.

I freely admit that I'm sceptical about a lot of New Age type things, but when the practices are described thr way Claudia does to Jason, who really doesn't have an open mind when it comes to this sort of thing, I really started to be more interested too. 

For Claudia does face a lot of cynicism in her shop Healing Waves and it doesn't help that a shop devoted to witchcraft and wicca and that sort of thing has opened and seemingly at war with Claudia. 

I loved the way Claudia and Millie befriend each other, even if it does mean she ends up at logger heads with Jason far more frequently than intended. 

And it's certainly true the opposites attract in this case, and I enjoyed seeing how the potential for romance would unfold. 

I would though have loved to visit both the shops as they do sound rather cool, as does Claudia's soap making. 

This was an enjoyable story , that has perhaps in conjunction with another book I've read this year opened my mind further to the power of crystals. 

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Friday 18 March 2022

Book Review - The Broken Hearts Honeymoon by Lucy Dickens - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: The Broken Hearts Honeymoon
Author: Lucy Dickens
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Arrow
Publication Date: 1st July 2020 
Rating: 5 Stars

When disaster strikes, adventure calls...

Charlotte had a plan. The perfect country wedding, followed by a month-long honeymoon in Japan - but when her fiancé starts having second thoughts, she knows there's no choice but to call off the wedding.

Charlotte isn't sure she knows how to be single, but she is going to try, starting with taking that trip of a lifetime - alone.

Will she find herself in the hills of Mount Fuji, or in the karaoke bars of Tokyo?

And will she be ready for romance by the time the cherry blossom flowers?

A feel-good story of reclaiming your life, set among the cherry blossom of Japan. The Broken Hearts Honeymoon is Eat, Pray, Love for the Instagram generation.

Totally transported me to Japan. Such vivid descriptions that I felt was though I was a part of the story, feeling what Charlie was feeling and seeing everything she was. 

It was a wonderful trip to Japan that was a way of Charlie, firstly not losing out on all the money spent on her honeymoon, but also a trip for her to discover who she may be, now she is no longer with her fiancée, and only boyfriend ever!

There were so many memorable experiences  that I loved reading about, it's hard to know what to tempt you with - while taking in places in Japan that you may have heard of, in addition to the unfamiliar. 

Japanese customs and way of life all rang true to me and it is clear a large amount of research must have gone into this book. 

It was a joy to experience Charlie doing things things such as forest bathing, karaoke, snorkelling, visiting temples and so much more.  

I was totally gripped by this story and Lucy Dickens is a fabulous author. I adored this book and it made me want to jump on a plane from my poolside location of Tenerife to Japan! 

Thank you to Arrow and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Thursday 17 March 2022

Book Review - Sunrise By The Sea by Jenny Colgan - #HolidayReading #UKCruise

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Title: Sunrise by the Sea
Author: Jenny Colgan
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Sphere
Publication Date: 17th March 2022
Rating: 5 Stars

In a quaint seaside resort, a charming bakery holds the key to another world...

Curl up and escape with Jenny Colgan

When she is given the opportunity to move to a remote tidal island off the Cornish Coast, Marisa Rossi decides some peace and quiet might be just what she needs.

Since the death of her beloved grandfather back in Italy, she's been struggling to find a way out of her grief. Perhaps this will be the perfect place for her to recuperate.

But Mount Polbearne is a far cry from the sleepy little place she was imagining. Between her noisy piano-teaching Russian neighbour and the hustle and bustle of a busy community, Marisa finds solitude is not so easy to come by. Especially when she finds herself somehow involved with a tiny local bakery desperately in need of some new zest to save it . . .

Given I rarely look at a Jenny Colgan blurb before I start reading as having read all her books I know she is a safe bet of an author that I love, I was over the moon to discover we are back in Mount Polbearne for this book, and that Polly, Huckle and Neil the puffin are all still well and present. 

And although initially I did think they were perhaps the main focus of the book, they are present the whole time and we do get chapters focusing on them, but the main character is Marisa who is new to the area. 

And Marisa is struggling with life generally at the moment since the death of her Nonno, and her ex landlord decided he doesn't want someone who has lost their way living with him, so suggests she moves to these rather out of the way cottages in Mount Polbearne, and with no other options she does just that. 

And thankfully that turns out to be the best decision of her life, although it is slow progress to come to that decision. 

Moving in on the same day as her, into the neighbouring cottage is a Russian piano teacher and let's just say the cottages aren't sound proofed!

I really enjoyed seeing Marisa develop and grow over the book and to see Alexei's back story too. It was completely gripping and I was hooked on finding out what would happen next to them. 

Whether you are new to Jenny Colgan's books or have read previous in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone, as the main focal characters are brand new!

Top notch storytelling as ever, and a pleasure to read, this is Jenny Colgan at her finest.

Thank you to Sphere and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Book Review - Heartcross Castle by Christie Barlow - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: Heartcross Castle
Author: Christie Barlow
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: One More Chapter
Publication Date: 31st December 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Love Heart Lane – where friends are there for you no matter what

A second chance…

When her grandfather Marley passes away Grace Power discovers she’s been left the beautiful but crumbling estate of Heartcross Castle. As a single mum of three, Grace has no idea what she’s going to do with it – but who can say no to a roof over their kids’ heads and a chance to get away from past hurts?

And a forever home

Heartcross Castle is full of secrets – especially a lost security deposit box that holds the truth to everything… But when celebrity chef Andrew Glossop sets his eyes on the castle and, to make matters worse, mistakes Grace as the new housekeeper, Grace tells him there is absolutely NO CHANCE he is getting his hands on her home.
Devastated to have got it so wrong, Andrew will do anything to make it up to her – but is she willing to listen?

I don't know how Christie Barlow keeps doing it, but she seems to be growing from strength to strength with each book in this Love Heart Lane series. 

And Heartcross Castle is arguably the best yet.  

From the opening scenes where we learn just what situation Grace is in and why she desperately needs to escape it, to her arrival in Scotland, I couldn't get enough of this latest book. 

I loved her three children, and the way they all learned to adapt to their new reality of owning Heartcross Castle, no matter what state it is in. 

There are family secrets to be uncovered, friendships be renewed and maybe, a possibility of romance could be on the horizon too. 

I loved catching up with all my friends from the previous books, but especially Felicity and Isla, who knew Grace from when they were growing up.

There were odd moments that were making my eyes feel a tad watery, and others that had me smiling. 

I whizzed through reading this book in a few short hours and loved every second of it. Just a shame it had to end, so I now need to beg the author to write faster as I can't wait for the next book. 

Thank you to Netgalley and One More Chapter for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Book Review - The Not So Golden Oldies by Liz Davies

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Title: The Not So Golden Oldies
Author: Liz Davies
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Lilac Tree Books
Publication Date: 22nd February 2022
Rating: 4 Stars

A gorgeously uplifting, feel good read!

When retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Meena Fisher is a middle-aged medical secretary with a husband, two grandchildren, a house to run, and more hobbies than you can shake a stick at. She is perfectly happy with her life just the way it is.

Her husband, Oscar, is a middle-aged workaholic who spends his days either in the office or on the golf course. With his wife looking after both him and the house, he gets on with the business of making money. He is also perfectly happy with his life just the way it is.

They share a bed, and they sometimes eat dinner together if they can both manage to be in the house at the same time. Aside from that, their paths rarely cross. The arrangement suits them both.

But when Oscar is forced to take early retirement and decides it’s only fair he takes over the running of the house, both their previously happy lives are turned upside down.

The question is, can they find a way to live together with the new status quo? And, more importantly, do they want to?

I'm kind of gutted this book had to end, it was such a gentle and pleasant read, that it was really starting to relax me, and then I reached the last page.  I would have happily continued reading for a lot longer! 

This is a gentle look at what happens when one half of a couple is forced to take early retirement suddenly while the other is still working and busy with a million commitments. 

The emotions each of them experienced felt very real to me, and it was obvious neither of them were entirely happy with the situation, nor did they necessarily appreciate each other, there was a woeful lack of communication between them 

But yet both of them grew on me a lot, and although at times Meena drove me a bit nuts, her heart is in the right place, she just had a tricky childhood and it clearly shaped what she became. 

This was just a really comforting way to spend some time, in amongst the lives of other people, it was interesting, I was enjoying reading it, and just had a really cosy vibe to it, even when Meena and Oscar weren't exactly seeing eye to eye.  And I really loved the way it ended, seemed really fitting. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily., 

Monday 14 March 2022

Book Review - The Break Up by Tilly Tennant - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: The Break Up
Author: Tilly Tennant
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 26th March 2020
Rating: 5 Stars

What happens when Mr Right goes rogue?

Lara doesn’t have a back-up plan. So when her safe-bet boyfriend Lucien dumps her for her best friend, Lara’s world implodes. Life after the break up stretches bleakly ahead, lonely evenings on the sofa with only a bottle of wine and her grey cat Fluffy for company…

Down the road, Theo loves his job as a jazz musician, giving other people great nights out before coming home in the early hours and unwinding with his loyal cat Satchmo.

What they don’t know is that it’s the same cat.

And when they find out, standing in the streets in their pyjamas, both on the hunt for their lost pet, sparks of the wrong sort fly.

Lara can’t deny that Theo is one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever met, but she can see exactly why he’s still single. They do say opposites attract… but is she ready to move on? And when Lucien comes back into the picture, will she be tempted back to her life before the break up, or risk everything on the chance of something new?

A wonderfully warm will-they-won’t-they romantic read that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. If you’re a fan of Jill Mansell and Carole Matthews, The Break Up is the love story you’ve been waiting for.

Easily one of my favourite books from Tilly Tennant. This had so much that I enjoy in a book...

....enemies to lovers style romance
... and incredibly fast to read!

Ok well maybe it was only one cat but it definitely had at least two families, and multiple names, plus he was instrumental in Lara and Theo even meeting. 

Oh and Lara's ex-boyfriend Lucien is an utter nightmare, I really enjoyed disliking him! 

And I loved the various weddings that Lara was working on, plus the various bride-zillas she comes across. 

This is light hearted, feel good fun and worked really well for me a poolside read on holiday!  It's always a pleasure to read a Tilly Tennant book, my only regret was leaving it so long on my kindle before I finally started reading it. 

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

Friday 11 March 2022

Book Review - The Wife Who Got A Life by Tracy Bloom - #HolidayReading

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Title: The Wife Who Got A Life
Author: Tracy Bloom
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: 29th April 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Cathy Collins is a mum on a mission – to change her life.
When her husband drops a midlife-crisis bombshell,
Cathy decides it’s time to take control.
No more laundry, teenage tantrums or housework.
After years of putting herself last, she’s going to be first for a change.
Cathy Collins is carving a new path, and nothing is going to get in her way…
From No.1 bestselling author Tracy Bloom, The Wife Who Got a Life
perfectly captures the joyous chaos of family life.

I love, Love. LOVED this book... I need to say any more just go and buy it...'s fabulous really and its Tracy Bloom at her very best. 

...I mean I could tell you about the relatable characters, all the great goals that Cathy set for herself, the various family dynamics that felt so familiar..

...or I could just strongly suggest that you read the book yourself, as it is really great! 

... I mean it, Cathy has some wonderful ideas of what would make her happier over the course of a year, and I loved seeing how she would try to achieve each of her aims.

....Just an all around good fun novel that I really do think its fab, (if I haven't already said that). 

Thank you to Harper Collins and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Thursday 10 March 2022

Book Review - The Blossom Tree of Dreams by Holly Martin - Blog Tour

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Title: The Blossom Tree of Dreams
Author: Holly Martin
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Author supplied copy
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 9th March 2022
Rating: 5 Stars

Escape to a beautiful luxury treehouse overlooking the sun kissed sands of the Welsh coast this summer, where the sea sparkles, the golden sun warms your skin and true love is in the air. From the bestselling author of Sunlight over Crystal Sands comes Holly Martin’s most romantic novel yet.

Indigo Bloom is on her way to an wonderful treehouse resort with some very big news. Two months ago she shared an incredible night with the most amazing man. She didn’t think she’d ever see River Brookfield again, but she never imagined she’d be showing up out of the blue to tell him she’s pregnant with his child.

Indigo’s heart longs for a fairytale ending. There’s just one problem: River doesn’t remember who Indigo is…

Crushed that a night that meant so much to her was so forgettable for him, Indigo resolves to keep her identity and her pregnancy secret until she gets to know the real River. But as they spend more time together, it’s clear that the incredible connection they shared that first night is stronger than ever, and that River might remember more than Indigo first thought.

The closer they get, Indigo’s secret becomes harder to share. Can Indigo find the courage to tell River the truth? And if she does, will she get the fairytale ending she’s been dreaming of?

Make all your dreams come true this summer with this feel-good love story that will sweep you off your feet. It’s the perfect read for fans of Jill Mansell, Sarah Morgan and Sue Moorcroft

Holly Martin is without a doubt a queen of the romantic gesture, the gorgeous setting, the exquisitely named locations and characters, and books that you just don't want to put down as you are so absorbed with the characters lives and wanting the best for them. 

And with this latest book she delivers all that and more in this simply wonderful story. 

I loved the idea of the treehouse resort, and just what it means to River, Heath and Bear (the latter two I feel we will get to know even better in the rest of the series), 

I don't really know where to start in waxing lyrical about every last thing about this book, it really is Holly Martin at her fines (I feel like I say that fairly regularly but it's true, her books just keep getting better and better). 

And River, I'm gutted that I've had to finish the book and leave behind my most recent book boyfriend.  He just doesn't know how special he is, nor what a fabulous resort has set up. 

Indigo, wow she has had a tough time of it in the events leading up to where the book joins her life, but she knows what she wants and is aiming to do her best. She is in a tricky position when she gets to the resort as it seems like she may not have been as memorable to River, as he was to her! 

And Tierra, omg I absolutely adored her.  The various conversations she was involved in, her ideas about everything are just so hilarious and adorable, including a very funny conversation about breasts!   Then again Amelia arguably is also prone to not necessarily appropriate conversation, and they are both at complete opposite ends of the age range! 

On the flip side is Indigo's "friend" Vicky, who just seems incredibly bitter and any time she popped up I wanted to tell Indigo to disown her! 

This is simply superb storytelling and I already can't wait for the next book in the series,  This was everything I wanted the book to be and more. 

Thank you to the author for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily. 

Monday 7 March 2022

Book Review - Going Greek by Sue Roberts - #HolidayReading Tenerife

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Title: Going Greek
Author: Sue Roberts
Format reviewed: Ebook
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Bookouture
Publication Date: 28th May 2021
Rating: 5 Stars

Sun, sea and a sizzling romance… the perfect holiday, right? Wrong.

After a work party gone disastrously wrong, Samantha suddenly finds herself jobless and jilted. So when her sister invites Sam to stay at her little whitewashed farmhouse on a Greek island, Sam leaps at the chance to escape. Before long, she’s trundling up the cobbled driveway, almost colliding with sexy neighbour Spyros.

It isn’t all sunshine and smiles though. For every afternoon spent lounging by the pool, cocktail in hand, there is a morning spent adjusting to life with boisterous six-year-old nieces. When Spyros invites Sam to explore the island with him she’s tempted, but with his carefree, live-for-the-moment attitude, he couldn’t be more different to Sam with her five-year plans and high-maintenance hair. One drink, as friends, couldn’t hurt though? Over glasses of fruity Greek wine and honey-sweet baklava, can he – and the other charming locals – help city girl Sam to appreciate the simple pleasures the Greek life has to offer?

Just as Sam is considering ditching her designer gear for good though, she runs in to an old flame from home, and suddenly her London life comes hurtling back. Can her smooth-talking ex convince Sam to return to the concrete jungle, or will the lessons she’s learned from her Greek escape persuade her to stay?

A fun, fabulous and completely laugh-out-loud summer read perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Jenny Colgan and Sophie Kinsella.

It has been a while since I was able to read one of this author's books while sitting poolside in the glorious sunshine, which I always feels enhances her writing. 

So was delighted to be able to read Going Greek while in Tenerife, and I absolutely devoured it. 

I loved every moment spent with Sam, and her family in Rhodes. I loved the twins, and I enjoyed her potential love interests, although one was always a clear winner for me. 

This is just entertaining poolside reading that I whizzed through in a few hours, utterly hooked on the descriptions, the food, and one rather special Greek man! 

Just what I needed, a sunshine pick me up! 

Thank you to Bookouture and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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